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Go, Grow, Glow_Spanish

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Go, Grow, Glow This video lesson shows children talking about nutrition and enjoying a variety of foods. We hear about the importance of nutrition education for young children. However, nutrition information can be too abstract for them to understand. We want children to realize there are foods that give them good things, that help them to Go, Grow and Glow. They can understand having enough energy to play. Growing, and staying healthy. Watch the video Go, Grow, Glow. Go, Grow, Glow I like it! Boy: I like this Teacher: It´s good for you! Boy: Good for me! Girl: I like green beans. Girl: I like green beans. Hey guys, I like green beans. I like green beans. Boy 1: What´s in here? Boy 2: Yeah, What´s in here? Teacher: Open it up and see! Boy: Ahhhh! Eggs! Teacher: Eggs! Boy: I like eggs! I like eggs! Teacher: Do you like eggs? It's good for me Teacher: How do you get muscles? Boy: From drinking my milk. From eating, too. Teacher: eating too! Boy: Look at my muscles. Teacher: Yes, I see. Good! Boy: Look at my muscles. Girl: I like my veggies! Teacher: You know, veggies are a good thing. Girl: They make you go, grow, glow, because they have have have, protein, and you must eat, eat, eat. Teacher: Veggies have protein? Girl: No Teacher: No, meat has protein. And peanut butter. And eggs, and cheese. Girl: Almonds! Teacher: And what did we decide was in milk that's good for us? Children at once: Protein and vitamins. Teacher: Oh, I can't hear you. Children at once: Protein and vitamins, potassium. calcium. Teacher: And... Boy: Protein Girl: Vitamins Teacher: Calcium and vitamins. Boy: And protein. Teacher: Is there protein in milk?

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Duration: 2 minutes and 51 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Producer: University of Idaho
Director: University of Idaho
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Posted by: dosgood on Jul 18, 2014

Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity ET2

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