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Abertura do Portal do Divino

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We have learned many aspects about ourselves through all this evolutionary journey And now, know that the fastest ways to change things is to raise our vibration and connect to the truth of who we are Do you know who you are? Have you reconnect to your true nature? The reason for why you are here on Earth at this time? Have you realized your purpose for being here? Do you value your vibration? Join us on November, 11, 2012, for the opening of the portal of divine will. Can your feel the shift? The light is intensifying as we all align to our divine counsciousness in our final step of our evolutionary transplanation The triple energies, present in the 11.11.11 is an activation point for the energies of the divine within all of the humanity This opens the portal of truth about who we are and our ascension process We are offer to choice, at this time, to connect to our divinity within People from all over the world are gathering to transmit this energy to the rest of the world And it is time for us, to remember our true nature On 11.11.11 the portal will opne and the first wave of this divine energies will flow through every man, women and child remanding us all, of our true nature We are eternal spiritual beings Born of source energy When we connect to our truth and see beyond our personality self we discover the magnificience of our being and the inner love, beauty, innocence that is contained within each other. It is time to realize that there's no separation between the source and us through receiving and transmiting this energies, we are raising mass consciousness and altering our evolutionary course This positive vibratory shift are the manifestation and fulfilment of our openness for transformation and this shift are providing pathways to peace, freedom, light and love, within all of us. In the past millions of years humanity has perfected the whole aspect of being human and now, we have reached a time where we have no choice but to evolve Every vibration can be altered just as water can change from paper or ice So can humanity change with emotional alchemy from fear to love For humanity to ascend with Earth and realize the golden age we will have to be a vibratory match to love enlighten As it is, this specific frequency, it's what is recquired in order to make the... This time markes the ending of one aspect of our spiritual journey and the begginning of another. The structures of our lives, as well as the beliefs they represent are being changed from the inside out. And are opening up to new insights and possibilities. Reality as we know it, is changing with every wave of the new living energies that is being trasmited through these portals to us. It is time to reclaim our divine birth right and awaken to our true essence as beings of love and light. We have learned from (...) We have had our experience with how it feels not be aware of our divinity, power, wisdom and love from source energy. Now, we have regained our wisdom, light and connection within We are connected to our truth. We are source energy. And we are here to live our divine potential There are many levels of truth and many paths that lead to the same destination It is time for us to make the highest and best choices available to us and move our spirit to (...) We are ascending into the reality, we came here to create Earth is ascending into the higher dimensions where love, peace and harmony are the bases of life And it is up to each of us to create our pathway there. The destiny of Humanity is the rediscovery of our own truth and the expansion of this truth into love and light consciousness. The time is now to speak our truth and be our truth This is a wake up call for all of us to This is a wake up call for all of us to come together, enjoy and spreading the word. Come to our 11.11.11 celebration and help us usher in this new energy of a highest frequency available to humanity, at this time.

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Posted by: ganesha on Aug 16, 2011

Um pequeno vídeo sobre a activação do portal 11.11.11

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