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A Taste of TED

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(Music) Chris Anderson: I must warn you that at some point during the next four days your brain might explode. By then, you won't even care. It's time for TED. Bono: At this very moment you are viewing my upper half, my lower half is appearing at a different conference -- (Laughter) in a different country. Hans Rosling: The Africans are the green down here, they still remain here. This is India. Indonesia is moving on pretty fast. And in the '80s here, you have Bangladesh still among the African countries. But now, Bangladesh, it's a miracle that happens in the '80s. The imams start to promote family planning and they move up into that corner. And in the '90s we have the terrible HIV epidemic that takes down the life expectancy of the African countries and all the rest of them move up into the corner where we have long lives and small families and we have a completely new world. (Applause) Philippe Starck: The bacteria that we were had no idea of what we are today. And today, we have no idea of what we shall be in four billion years. And this territory is fantastic. That is our poetry. Richard Branson: It's just fascinating that every single person you meet is doing something incredible. J.J. Abrams: I was thinking about this -- what to talk about at TED -- and when I talked to the kind rep from TED and I said, "Listen, what should I talk about?" he said, "Don't worry about it. Just be profound." Ken Robinson: It's the impression you get of this huge diversity of expertise and passion. I've never been to a conference before where people are actually pushing people aside to get into the room. It's normally the other way around. People are kind of scrambling to get out. James Nachtwey: I'm a witness. And I want my testimony to be honest and uncensored. I also want it to be powerful and eloquent and to do as much justice as possible to the experience of the people I'm photographing. Bill Clinton: We have a chance here to prove that a country that almost slaughtered itself out of existence can practice reconciliation and provide comprehensive quality healthcare with minimal outside help. Majora Carter: Being up on the stage, it doesn't matter if it's 350 in the audience or not, it feels like it's thousands. It really is this indimidatingly crazy space. But, I gotta tell you, it really is a loving atmosphere. People here want you to do really well. Philip Zimbardo: When you're sharing ideas, and suddenly then you are more than the font of ideas, I mean, you are like a preacher. You can almost feel a transformation in them. And suddenly they're saying, "Wow, that's really interesting. That's the most interesting thing I've ever heard about. Wow, I love this idea." Craig Venter: If anybody just stays in their own little world they miss maybe the right way to affect the rest of the world. Dan Dennett: When the experts rise to the challenge of doing this they actually surprise themselves. They actually learn something more about their own subject. They learn something more, in particular, about how to convey it. This opens my eyes to a new way of articulating something I knew but I didn't yet know how to make it unforgettable. Benjamin Zander: TED is about releasing power. Intellectual power, emotional power and the power of contribution in the world. This is the song they played in the loudspeakers in Tiananmen Square during the revolution. This is the song which they played in Berlin when the wall fell down. This is the song to the possibility that human beings are and I say, that's who you are. Jim Young: I guess those of us that have been around TED for a while call things like this "TED Moments." (Music)

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This 4-minute trailer gives you a taste of TED and the magic that happens at each TED Conference. Amazing speakers, powerful connections and unforgettable moments happen at this four-day "brain spa" -- and they echo throughout the web, as we release videos from the conference on

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