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¿Cómo puede tener el cuerpo una teología?

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the gift free, complete, faithful, fruitful an introduction to the theology of the body how can the body have a theology? what does the theological body do? that is our starting point what is this expresion "theology of the body"? what does it mean? theology means, of course, study of God but we tend to have God over here and the human body over there right? when we ourselves as Christians tend to think of the phrase the theology of the body, as a dumb statement an oxymoron we are going to show ourselves how far we are from an authentic Christian world vision what is at the core and center of Christianity? That would be Christ. And Christ is the verb the flesh! theology of the BODY Incarnation is what we speak of here The theology of the body is clear call to Christians, not to become more spiritual rather, to be more like the incarnation the Christian spirituality is always lived in and through the Body Therefore, our bodies are really sacramental our bodies reveal a great spiritual mistery turn the page with me We tend to think of the human body as a type of spirit that is trapped in the body trrr! wrong answer! wrong answer! that is really a heresy my friends we are spirits trapped in our bodies 2a human beings are persons united in their bodies and spirits the body cannot be reduced simply to their mass it is not just a physical thing the body is spiritual we all are, each of us, spirited bodies just as the spirit of the human, the spirit of man is united tightly to the body so that the human being can be described as an incorporated spirit we have this idea taht somehow our bodies are shells in which our spirits live this is not true about the mass our bodies and our souls are tightly united so that only death can tear them apart 2c I call this an ode to the flesh taken from the Catholic church´s catechism we have this idea that in some way, Christianity is in opposition to the body nothing could be further from the truth 2c the flesh is the hinge of salvation We grow in God, who is the creator of the flesh we believe in the Word made flesh to redeem our flesh we believe in the resurrection of the body the fulfillment of the creation and the redemption of the flesh flesh, flesh, flesh, flesh, flesh... flesh, flesh we have to get in touch with our flesh and when Saint Paul says that we are called to live according to the spirit and not the flesh he is not stating that the spirit is good and the body is bad there is no chance that he would say that because that would be a heresy and there is no way that the Scriptures would teach us any heresy Rather, what saint Paul is saying is that we should open up our bodies the the spirit so that whatever you do with your body gives glory to God and that is what Paul himself says what we are learning here in this close unity between the body and the soul is that the body is a type of sacrament and here I say sacrament with a lower case S to make a distinction that this is not one of the seven Sacraments though the body of Christ, given up by us in the Eucharist, our bodies are sacraments in that sense they make visible what is invisible and that is what Christianity is all about God is invisible, we cannot see Him, right? However, Christianity affirms that God who is invisible, has made himself visible How? look at the quote on 2d in the body of Jesus, we see our God made visible and that is how we are taken up, to the love of God whom we cannot see That is amazing. God´s mystery has been revealed in human flesh The Theology of the Body If we tend to put God over here and the body over there, through Jesus Christ these two realities join up in a wonderful way translation

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El cuerpo humano entra en los planes de Dios.

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