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Job interview tips - How to prepare for a job interview

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) I’m Lisa Birnbach for You’re going for a job interview. How do you make the interview work so that you land the job? Carolyn Bigda from Money Magazine is with us. How do you do that? Well, some surveys show that hiring managers actually make their opinion of you within the first 10 minutes of meeting you. So you want to make a really good first impression. How do you do that? Well, the first thing is your appearance. You wanna walk in wearing a nice crisp suit or whatever appropriate outfit is for this interview. You wanna give a firm handshake, you wanna look the hiring manager directly in the eye. Don’t people know that? Yeah, you might be surprised by how many people... they might be more casual about it or they are shy and so they haven’t practised this and they are not used to being assertive and putting themselves out there. What about clothing? Unless you are working or applying for a job in the fashion industry, shouldn’t you be on the conservative side rather than very fashionable? Exactly, I mean the safe bet is always to wear a nice suit, um, you know, neutral colors. Come in wearing something that is not too flashy. just be dressed appropriately. Uh..Look wanna look like professional and I think everyone has a sense of what professional is. One other thing that you wanna practice before you go in to this interview is a quick sales pitch about yourself. Something that maybe has bullet points or just gives you the heart of what you’ve done over the last couple of years to impress this manager. Um, practicing this is key, because it has to come across as smooth but you also want it to have specific examples maybe or just some key points that the hiring manager will be really excited about or really interested in. But not so so professional that it seems that you are just a sales person. Exactly, you want to keep it down-to-earth and relax as much as possible. Which is why practicing it is a good idea. Because when you’ve got it sort of routined inside of you it’s much more easy to deliver. Carolyn, what if you’ve just been fired by your previous employer, do you have to be honest about that? And how do you position that in a job interview? You have to be honest if they do ask you, um, why you’ve left your job. But you want to stay positive on this topic. Uh, you don’t want to come in as someone who has a lot of resentment or you’ve got a grudge against your former employer. Um, if they ask you, you know, why are you looking for a job? A good response is to say you are looking for that next opportunity to take that next step in your career apply your skills in a different way. You want to come across as a team player? Yes. Coming across as a team player is always key but also showing leadership skills, um, also impresses employers. So if you can come up with examples of both in your interview that those are bonus points basically. And obviously, finally, you wanna look like a hard worker who’d be committed to the mission of the company in your interview. Exactly. Which is why again showing specific examples of the results that you performed or that you had at your previous company will really impress you employer because they see that you come in and you do have an impact that you will produce. Carolyn Bigda thank you some much. Again I’ve learned something new. For, I’m Lisa Birnbach.

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Tips on how to prepare and face a job interview (greeting, dress, content, etc.).

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