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Alien Being: AA, I Destroying Life Because I Find no Point!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Destroying Life - AA, 2 Hi this is AA again So, I was at the realization that I was evenly equal, as responsible as everything that 'is Here' through my participation and allowance and 'because' I didn't see a 'solution', is because I didn't see myself and then, from that point, after I said the hefty communication with the being, and the being 'here' I started realizing but that is me Now 'what about me'? I don't know, How? I don't know, anything! because basically what I realized what is, the one thing that has been 'missed' in existence, is ourselves we hadn't seen ourselves, at all! what we've seen is separate manifestations, and creations of ourselves that maybe the problem is that for eons of time, everyone has been always looking for a solution for 'the problem', that is apparently manifesting instead of realizing: But Hey! Maybe we're that problem!? are all, you know solutions are never, or 'responsibility' is never directed to 'self', I mean I'm I'm an example and, So from that perspective 'I stopped', I I said: Alright well lets, I said: On one condition I'll give it a chance (smile) I said: Ok. I'll, give myself the opportunity to see if I'm able to, direct existence, as myself - the human beings, the dimensional beings And if it "doesn't work"! I'm ending it. I'm ending it! because why, unnecessary 'suffer'? what is called, 'Life'! at the moment I didn't s- I didn't see any I didn't see the, I just don't "see the point" and, but from that from that time span now since then my "opinions" I'd say has much changed, extensively, because I know one thing, is that, I'm "Here", firstly (smile) Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that Now! well how do I mean by 'stop everything' I know that, I'm not able to 'kill' anything I'm not able to 'remove' anything because I exist infinitely and I couldn't, "kill myself" I've tried that! interdimensionally, I tried to remove myself 'from this existence'! In multiple different ways! I've tried to disappear, I did everything possible! I just couldn't remove myself! from existence! So I had kind of a, 'tiff' a problem if you want to call it that, because Here I am! Here is this "creation" and, the I, I'm not able to remove myself, I'm not able to "solve" it now this is previously in the beginning, before I, 'met' this being and another being and the only way, that's also part of how I had "the only solution" of des- just destroying everything, possibly 'maybe' then myself as well but So, after quite a few processes I realized "one thing", and that is that "I'm Here" so there is, let's call it "two options": We're able to destroy everything, Yes but Again, where would that, 'take us'? I don't know but then, there is always something- there is also something else I discovered which is 'myself'! which is, I don't know how to "describe it", though I able to place it from this perspective: I'm worth, existing and, I'm worth, existing, in an existence that "is me" that is currently, not the way I would prefer it to be, and that I have the- that I'm "changing this" because, I am Here! and I find that It's not about finding a solution it's not about saving it's not about rescuing that's not that's not the "story" I mean, the in terms of the destruction it was merely because that, I found it was the only way out, it 'so to speak', actually the only way out from my own 'responsibility', and that if each, being, in the dimensions and even in the world, just realize that you know, we're all responsible for "for everything"! and what is describing here, is is is "how" we're responsible because if we understand "how" we're responsible, we're able to work with how we're responsible from everything and from "there", change it! Why? because, "it's who I am" yeah you know, "it's who we are" Yet, it sounds surreal, it sounds, not possible, it sounds like we're talking from a "dream" or, an illusion but, we're not! because, if there's one thing, is certain, it's that "I am Here" and, I am certain there are, certain human beings in the world that understand the 'concept' that we exist infinitely and that we don't 'die' and that 'I am always stuck here', and that in the realization that everything that exists 'is me' (insight) I'd say: "was me" (smile) Not me any longer from a perspective of, that in my expression at the moment, I'm able to direct myself effectively and change what is necessary 'to be done', in existence that 'is me' and to have a being, in the image and likeness that is 'all of us' because what makes us any different from each other? really? what does? what has ever made us any different from each other? because in in terms of how we've "always existed" we've, all collectively participate in what exists today So how are we different from that perspective but, equal and one in what we have accepted and allowed, so why not, change that equality and oneness, to the expression of 'ourselves' which will be the same! because, it's who we are, we're one! how can we not be one I mean, it's even what is only separate is but in the pictures we s- see but in terms of 'who we are Here' this is the entirety of ourselves, that's exactly the same, we even look the same if you if you look at human beings and the dimensional beings, interdimensionaly Ok you know, for a moment I suppose we, have a different sound 'signature' but beyond that, what it is that, apparently separates us? I've asked that many times, because what it is, that apparently makes the dimensions 'not real', just because they are not able to be 'seen' I mean even, through this interdimensional portal now it's, because you may see a "picture" but, in terms of the "voice", the words isn't that what we always 'only had' of the words who, communicating with, or the words we speak if you really look beyond the pictures, are you really these pictures walking around or really, this reality in this reality what is it that make us 'us', maybe the 'words' we speak, possibly because, in the words we speak we communicate ourselves, we express ourselves although there are different forms of expression and maybe it's just something to consider and that, there has been a veil pulled over, human being's eyes, that they don't see themselves because dimensions are who human beings are! we're equal and one in that, in that what we have been 'seeing', is but a reflection of ourselves and not our true selfs from that perspective So, that's what I've, "observed and realized", so in terms of realizing is that, "we are the answer" and that's all that exist that's how I've realized that I am the "answer" Thank you very much, this is AA. 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