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Social media secondary school

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The biggest change is probably how much people use it, and how many people actually use it in the school. People…like…think it is a lot cooler… to actually use social media now… rather than…like…in year 6 Social media really impacts you and the way you look and want to come across… especially in secondary school. So there's a lot more pressure in secondary school to get likes and followers. In secondary school I think people are a lot more conscious of what they're posting, how it looks, and just the things that they say or do on it. For me, it's not that much of a pressure, because I don't really care what people think. Everybody in high school if they see you, and they see you're on Instagram, they'll try to follow you. Not everybody, but most people, because they just want to get followers. In secondary school there's a lot of insecurities about your looks, and the way you dress and come to school, because on social media it's kind of shown how you should look. People think that you need the likes to get…like…fame in the school. There's more pressure to be looking good on social media when you are older, because you've got more pressure on your appearance. People think that they should look better when they're older. Erm…in primary school, I had just like one or two social medias, yeah…I wasn't really aware…of…what the dangers were, but now I'm in secondary school, and people have talked to us a lot more. I've had a lot more talks about violence, and the dangers of the people that you don't know following you.

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Social media secondary school

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