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Case Study: Renee (Mod 14)

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>> Hello, welcome to this module's case study and your first case study challenge. Again, in the second part of this course, the case studies will look like this. We'll recap previous session notes that relate to this module's coaching strategy. We'll provide a mock exercise completed by this week's case study. And we'll ask you a series of questions that you'll answer on the Case Study Challenge handout in your Learning Center, and that hopefully, you'll share in the Facebook group. This module focuses on learning the language of food, understanding the roots and triggers of your client's mindsets and habits around eating. Remember Renée? Let's go through the three steps. Recap, she's 27 years old, and she's an only child. Growing up, she received negative comments from her peers about her body. She spent a lot of time with a nanny, as her parents worked a lot. She has asthma and digestive issues. Her weight negatively affects her self-esteem. She often overeats, especially at night. She has tried many diets and cleanses. She often turns to food when she feels bored or when she feels frustrated by her inability to stick to what she should eat, which makes her feel worse. Going to bed late dysregulates her appetite, eating at night feels cozy to her, cravings are her kryptonite. Cooking food makes her feel less stressed and like a superhero. Mock exercise, in your Learning Center, you'll see an exercise handout called Food Factors. Renée's Food Factors exercise is included after the blank version that you can try for yourself. Apply, using the material from the recap and mock exercise, complete the Case Study Challenge in your Learning Center. If you're feeling brave, take a photo of your completed handout and send it out to the Facebook group so that we can support each other. I'll see you again soon.

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Case Study: Renee (Mod 14)

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