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Mando Project - building sexc body

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I am very fat I'm going to do exercise now FAH AAAAAAHEHOUUU aiy no that's the neighbours house why am I so tired? I need to find a fitness trainer Who are you? I am Dylan. Jasper's boyfriend I want to look very pretty can you help me? Okay, I can help you exercise 30 000RMB hmm but, I have no money I will get something else this good? alright, I will help you look pretty aiy! I forgot I will give you a present aaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH because I have so much money, I bought you a pair of shoes this is for you thank u wahhhh very pretty what vegetables do I need to eat? you need to eat chinese cabbage cabbage pumpkin watermelon wintermelon fool aiy eh uh uhh uhhhh sh- uhhhhh yeah you also need to eat a lot of fruits the forest has a lot of fruits all very healthy this is your monday to friday's... the the the eating stuff alright let us go aiyo slow down slow down slow down! aiyah stop stop! you are obese! alright, we made it this is your forest you must find your... the eating stuff right inside this looks very tasty that was delicious hurry up! why are you so slow? obese! aiy, look at this this is cabbage very tasty has many minerals has many vitamins very delicious look at this this is chinese cabbage look at how delicious this is very nutritious i feel super strong aiy, look at this! aiy? look at this this is a punpkin extremely nutritious also has many vitamins uhh, however, uhhh it's a little big, hard to grab soo, I will grab this! this is a wintermelon also has many nutrients lets go I'm gonna go back to wash these, vegetables I can now eat Aiy dylan! don't eat it like that! I'll show you how to eat it come alright, Dylan, we will first wash the veggies smells super fragrant these things have a lot of nutrients very healthy alright, it's done washing thank you wah, look here look very dark green the darker it is in colour the more nutritious it becomes look at how dark it is alright can I eat this now? yep aiy!dylan! wait use some olive oil this has many healthy minerals alright eat it right now, you are eating many minerals many vitamins healthy fats fibres and many types of healthy stuff dylan, from monday to friday eat this everyday this weekend, I will give you something that is super delicious you don't have to eat those crap veggies anymore a carrot!! ah! very tasty dylan, after one month.. eating what I gave him everyday now, dylan! Jasper! I'm coming!

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Posted by: vflight7 on Nov 13, 2018

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