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Birds Dying 2011 falling from the sky !!

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Birds dying in 2011 you have this phenomena that is happening all around the world - with birds are dying- in groups now you'll also have another phenomena that is "increasing" obviously in time you only notice this that is the amount of people that is being hit with lightning that is substantially increasing see before let's go to the lightning first before people- were "pre-programmed" as to when they will be hit by lightning if- that was to happen in their Life that is no longer the case you'll also notice that mostly unless it was a violent situation mostly people tend to die from heart attacks - in bed or at home that would start happen more and more "in the open" in shopping centers there pre-designed programs were all removed and now people are chopped off like something else- with lightning we had in two days: in the general area of Kwa-Zulu Natal twenty people died from- either drowning or lightning- during the rain storms it is increasingly exponentially now you have violent weather conditions as if you go back as we have said the things that's going to happen in this- changes is where the physical has become a quantum force that is timeless in it's expression and it's still "early days" it will get far more - effective in time you have substantial changes that happens in the atmosphere and then that "cause" in cases- sudden! changes that will cause deaths in animals now please wherever nature is busy "restoring" it's equilibrium that means you're going to have an increase in animals and bugs and so on the earth and the only things that is going to diminish is those that is completely in the control of man and where man has basically driven the animals to extinction through farming or through money capitalism making profit - whatever the other animals that was not seen as valuable in terms of "money" they are going to thrive and as we have like revenge of the ego - that's the video you can watch you gonna have revenge of "nature" and the "animals" and- you're going to see that as we progress how- the- money system of the world is going to be put under "pressure" by "events" by nature itself squeezing every cent out of you so that you become a complete slave to the system absolutely in debt in ever way till you start to realize - that the practical living message of Jesus must come again! and that no man should ever be second so there should never be a second coming all man should place each other "first" and support each other and give- to each other and the animals and the plant kingdom this space- and the place to live - dignify from birth to death so as the birds are dying they are indicating the sudden atmospheric changes that takes place and also in some cases they are hit by lightning from the perspective of the interrelated forces that take place in the sudden movements there are violent forces now - and they are practicing it - increasing their effectiveness and utilizing what man has done to increase the volition of which- the human system of economy and social- education and religion is taken on you can say god is angry, beyond the measure and will no longer set- settle for anything else! but equality in every way so investigate Equal Money, Equal Life Foundation the Desteni I process Life coaching and find out! why Desteni- is "the way" with would- which humanity- can find it's dignity again write yourself to freedom investigate the only "truth" that is real - that is self-honesty and learn how to forgive yourself to give back to you- those points where you've accepted and allowed yourself to diminish yourself in the eyes of Life that you maybe the image and likeness of Life itself and as you present "yourself" here as Life you are represented by all Life- everywhere! and in that equality we have in fact within the realms of the limitations that existed within this reality we have the optimum possible Life from birth to death give this to your children and their children and their children this is your obligation you will only or ever been "talking" now it's time for action

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jan 16, 2011


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