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20161231 Go Where You Know

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Always start your day Ubering in an area where you know the geography and you feel confident in your driving skills. This means you are going where you know, so you are comfortable and you don’t have to worry about geography, when you’re picking up that first rider. For example, I always start Ubering in my neighborhood. When I get my first trip request in my neighborhood, I can look up the address on the app, and I’ll know how to get there without needing directions. When I show up for that rider, they can tell I’m confident, and they relax, because I know what I’m doing. What if my rider asks me to go to a neighborhood I’ve never heard of before? I might use a GPS app to get me there, but after I drop my rider off, I’ll go offline and drive around for a few minutes. As I’m driving around and learning about this new neighborhood, I’m making it a place I know. If you do this every time you drop off a rider in a new neighborhood, you’ll learn those new neighborhoods bit by bit. Part of knowing a neighborhood is knowing how the address system works. Normally, when you’re trying to find an address, one side of the street is even numbered addresses and the other side is odd. You want to pick up the rider on the correct side of the street and drop them off quickly and safely at their destination. You want to work smarter, not harder. You might be thinking: but Uber will navigate for me. The problem is, what if you get a request, and the direction you’re coming from is going to put you on the wrong side of the street? You need to know those addresses, so you can plan a better route. My GPS is an excellent tool, but who is actually driving the car? I am. I’m the boss. And remember, no illegal U-turns. An illegal U-turn in front of the rider means the rider feels unsafe, when they get in your car. And remember, the rider rates you based on how they feel. Plus, you don’t want a ticket or an accident. The easiest way to handle this is to pay attention to the odd and even numbered addresses, when you enter a neighborhood. You can use that information, when you’re picking up and dropping off your rider. That pattern of odd and even addresses makes sense throughout the whole city, which means paying attention now can really pay off later. Stay in the habit of checking though, because different neighborhoods may have different address rules.

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20161231 Go Where You Know

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