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60 Second Binary Options

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Hi and welcome back, okay in the last video I showed you that I had earned $6,500 over a period of one week today is 17 january 2012 What I am going to do is take you through the 5 step circle that insures 100% profit every sixty seconds Now what I will do is step 1, check the binary options menu EUR/USD direction is going to go down (PUT), 53% say that. So I go back to the '60 Seconds' menu select EUR/USD and then i enter my first $5 trade which is actually step 2. So you have to remember that every time you win a trade, you have to go back to step one which is selecting the binary options menu and then making sure that the popularity of the directions You want to make sure which way it is going, if it is going up (Call) or if it is going down (PUT) And then you follow with your trades in that direction So let me just reposition the screen, before I start the trade Let's begin: $5 investment, I select put then select start and approve it by clicking okay. You do not have to approve it, it will approve it automatically after 3 seconds but if you are in the middle of a trade, it is best to approve it manually Because you have to be very very quick! When I say in the middle of a trade, then I mean that if you have lost your $5 investment trying to be tenement right you want to its toward as soon as possible and because we didn't want to catch the point five decimal bites that fluctuation we fight right that taken a hundred percent success rate with the system now let's take you to come as a family circle with this ridiculous it is great you get your money back and if it's green you're gonna win sudeep as you say you know he goes up and down very very very sepia insignificant amounts so we're gonna come down now for the last fifteen seconds date doesn't have a clue in the trite side on etsy gonna get the temple investment but the just to be on the safe side sofa bed here content and the list won't be ready to stop ok bona that he got it from graeme there's not much you know when the strike site fessed up to complete that means a on one point two step one again which is selecting the on her sister to sing with popularity is still says fifty three percent so it's going to go down so that that the back too far to try to step two again you repeat step one is that too site by uh... it puts star and then i approve now and another thing i want to explain to you throughout this whole trading strategy is that at speeds k ok when you all in a losing trades you need to read up for stress how important is is you need to put on another tried as soon as possible so you do capture fluctuation at one point it'll to profit some people say hey how can you say that is a hundred-percent success right well the reason you can do that is that is a very predictable currency and unless there is serious crash is always gonna be roughly got forty fifty alpha forty sixty local commenting in that realm principality crash who say that the the popularity will be saying yen going on percent we say it's going to go down because he's a real tried is israel trading and stacked so you look at so that you recall loose and the fact that crash is the best point and sees a system of justice who we know most of it right physicist boswell sucking the win this one okay of on that one again so wanted eight days might now have repeat steps one inside psyche dot back to the bond rates asap registration process actually if you want to check you'll feel lost positions via so attracted to look at the top right hand corner open positions and and then you can see you last right fact if you get sidetracked today if you of the house comes a in are secured property or something like that you're in his eye and you just complete is going to do a check that so we're going to try to platform and select bari options amber menu and for your usd and dont levitt at her confusion or because they're let your usd japanese yen uh... let it go will stick to that but that like this that it's up to the district that hands and feet writer and social sanctity fetus is gonna go down so we gotta pack repeat step two name of the one thing that what hasn't changed is because normally barter options work on an a_ and fifteen minute with thirty minute and it's party time so that tends only trying to be fair to fifteen thirty minutes these this is just a minute site that's white it doesn't seem to be moving to london once again step two thought or tried to look star proof and then we liked so the um... dishes the whole point that down the hall striking how wet if expects a is the uh... the thought of try to do that you'd like fritos fifty step three is the gentlest right and if you win that makes two dollars because you cover the elections in sites will be a cover default dollar loss in its handle spike to get used to go profit if that's what i think that's right step four little home page you cook up a aforethought trying out a twenty dollar tried on almost all times these quick as you can and the reason for practice because they don't have twenty five dollars and as a option on the investment tax now if you do that you can guess what the fifty bataan it is just friday and uh... twenty three twenty goes down you don t get at thirty four dollars back in the spent thirty five which would have meant you lose a dollar so that's why you have to do that sites it's coming up as usage is looking to win so i would be a script is a camp flights expires at the start that hit like a proof right now i'm striking that ok and tennessee dot the common on the on the red tab bonanza fifty six in the strike for entries fifty-seven families are support it just inform as uh... point zero zero zero zero one digital son this is that this is a positive life writing you know about unplugged going in the right direction i have missed anything thirty-second stilts countdown but he said this video it budget we show you the full so little but the five steps and which is one of his big city law firm of into any type of chopping its anchor back in five minutes for about ten minutes alicia in the whole thing and also to show you but it was always say you can see it in order for extended periods i was working hope you can start to see um... the pattern emerging in you can see why it works cylon as a kind of the last ten seconds uh... before they get to show you and at the in stepped forward to see uh... twenty dollar and the father of as as quick as possible is expiring so let it stop cutler quickly don't fall into his dog and and then owner proof that the kind of debt and if u haven't already and noticed uh... or have gone back to check the uh... body options to have to see if it's still going down if you're in the middle of it right you continue in the direction you were coming okay even if it's a it's going to go out and still continue because what you're doing your catching who catching that decimal bites fluctuation missus uses it is that this is quite a sources said uh... you get a five star fifty return on the strike on the previous when you get a two dollars and and on the first tried to get uh... a free at freedom fifty wit's end on the last right when you put that yes without a hundred dollars believe or not much sound of a bad thing but it does is such a good thing it doesn't come up very often beget thirty dollars and when it comes every brochure income like i say dont get frightened by it's it's a good thing dart back and hopefully every guy could be a t-shirt you now easter expiring and uh... they're both losses so that it has tried some two hundred dollars uh... hit strike sousa possibly camp they regard and attract prefect and they got it mechanic and this one is guaranteed to win protect absolutely one hundred-percent guarantee to win because what i've done is all i have been trading into the same direction or appoint fought that small bites we fought rights masterpieces assisted it really is that simple really up to discuss muddy whitehead will septic stamina is gonna win uh... on i'm not worried at this age range for the jury the minute lowered if it's a great the majority of too many about trade will coming and damp so what they pays off in this one as you will win hundred-percent i'm gonna go back and also the battery options and sat in a moment pass when it finishes then see which direction is getting to the match and help and follow in that direction site lack estimates a guy like i said it's been met for ages notice will face and now he's going to come in and and the united it's a little victory everytime happens as well you you never lose a buzz if this is that it did they got higher hundreds of dollars i have one for the lapd fantastic to show you and now the from the screen by profit is now a lan and six thousand seven hundred ninety full and damn youtube at once and see what we do now is that repeat step one and two which is check to try to missouri sent fifty three percent you can say and hit the sixty seconds and and uh... the starts awful all over again sold to a more time to six years off like jacket but stop approved and if you get no m using a moment ago that went right and audio and we start off on that six seventy asking is six thousand seven hundred fifty seven and an offer that massive hundreds of the panel airport up to six thousand seven hundred ninety four uh... and that was in just ten minutes okay that means that in nine minutes less that's thirty seven and solace profit in just a well it's a sign on the issue with that senate surrounded off dachshund if you have that have every single that trade unions view you know that cycle you'd be my care about two hundred dollars an hour unfortunately uh... you tend to win uh... on trade sat two and three and it's just the way that that uh... the currency so predictable and site really dot right when you do it and it is actually a good thing um... there really is very leveraged investing and um... but is that if you just keep doing it and doing it and doing it and forget about just after six will try it on hold on was a bit slow to get ikea yes he just keep doing it their internet and he's really surprises just how much the uh... the cash actually um... south mounting up shore the video listen i just one week artistic somehow thousand those profit that that really is not unusual and iredell thought it would possibly site to unseat writing poetry options is that the israel launched riding and so the stock markets need to be out there uh... which means you can trade lights at night you can try to weekends um... site concert for the majority of people there full-time jobs you know you are going to the three candidates writing in the morning uh... in your lunch break in the evenings but for those of you that it's working from home this is a fantastic whites he wanted to really quickly base your income so this is like it might finish institute right looks like it might finish at so many even and has been hoping there for a bit which means all get what republican but right now let me ask on red right uh... read again staying read so on the day for her to do the uh... they sneaky sneaky quick at twenty dollars right before it was right for repeat weight pair proof and uh... hit five hundred start watches doubleclick backed out of a double click it 'cause it it freezes a little bit customer increased um... so they're wrong with it is for the slightest idiotic and that yet if you if you double click there dot correct after that happens never double click an option but amount to get it on their so i'll disclose that close it off detritus of a part of the world in today's and with both the entry point and its planes that they are part of each other's almost fifteen second difference as i think that's one of at one or two days and but he's not in the world in the worst case scenario if easy if the twenty dollars trade winds in the five th on it right doesn't avanti lost a dollar so public about the beginning uh... if the file thomas right doesn't win a twenty dollar trade trusted trio tribesmen influx of poetry does or discussed right up to the hundreds are still catch asap we fought the small bites um... flocculation site look into the world but if you really want forgiveness close together as possible so that the twenty dollars amble checks by perfectly okay that's in profits in regard to the outcome of the next one uh... are will both uh... outpolled alone to sky boxes the right trees like that its partial happens like this before we'll cover that i'd like to get upset one say no just uh... shown about south it's a six thousand seven hundred ninety seven antenna uh... filled for a half dollars supper for the last couple of minutes but still so fifty three percent the delegates employment fantastic serving in a row with that sorry trick my colombo paper pitstop proof am i felt into the spot placing the whole so little and like i said today it's uh... need to do your usb is and as very very reliable currency to try it and feel free to explore otherwise of trading and saying they can't write told you can't write and pretty much anything and that's on the stock market but in mario humble opinion this is is best suited to currency because currency just like if it is go out to be debilitate golden moments come through the roof and but i thought i wanted to date uh... but uh... but if you find another one the works for you and gives you the figures are better return bir older they are constantly changing in adding to the sixty seconds and trading platform witches and a positive thing in my opinion it is is probably the best form and in the faster so that return that writing formal training although come across so aka this is market what pile the scientific by society distributed right folks like i know it's going to be a negative so because you can't next uh... he don't step three which is determined to try it but i'll text operation says one of the little comment because that is quite a big gap between the entry point in the cargo in if you look on the green and green ball that yes uh... asset predicament but in the wrapping up office tried and that they have excited heretofore sixty second ah... profit system uh... already have a life and how to solid fuel a campaign to get it writing but demo balance with the trading platform to get it done often the standard um... you need to actually quote the reference try five hundred uh... in order to get them analysis uh... five hundred dollars abstinence only death and how do they use though most of on the forums as quite handy um... but yes follow this tragedy enjoyed my money

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This video describes how it is possible to earn extra income online with 60 second binary options.

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