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Homepage and Navigation

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Welcome to the Pep Boys Supplier Link Training Video This is part one of our series. In this section I will discuss your homepage and how to navigate around the Supplier Link system. When you first log into Supplier Link, you will be taken to your home page. Your homepage contains information about who you are, when you last logged in, and depending on your roll, some summary information. This may consist of a feasibility summary information, request management summary information and alert summary information. We'll go into each of these in more detail later on. At the bottom of the summary, you will also see a broadcast message from Pep Boys This message will change when they have something they need to communicate to the entire supplier link community. On the left hand we have our menu system. Again, depending on your role, this will consist of the account tab, the reporting tab, the product information request tab, and the help tab. To open any menu items, simply click on it. At the top of all supplier link screens you will see four additional icons. They are: return to the summary page, which could be user to return you to this home from anywhere within this application; update or view your information, which is where you would go to change your password; contact support which will provide information on where to go for help; - and loggout, which can be used to log out of the application. This concludes the tutorial on website navigation. Next, we will look at how to add new users.

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