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MyKabbalah Lesson 6 mission 1 Engsmall

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Asking Why? So you made it all the way through to level 6. Congratulations. That's great. That's amazing. What have we learned? We've learned that sharing is the nature of the Light. And therefore, we want to more like the Light. More sharing to attract Light into our lives. We also learned that the Light is always the cause for everything. So we need to look for opportunities to be the cause in our lives. We also learned that we want to inject kindness in every situation, especially when it's a bit difficult. You really want to inject kindness because then you cause the universe to bring kindness to you. Especially when it's a bit difficult, when it's illogical to be kind. This is when you want to be kind. Why? It's simple. Because then the universe can share with you in a miraculous way. This is what we've learned so far. Now, we want to go deeper. I encourage you to go to the community chat and share something of your personal experience with that transformative work. Where have you been sharing outside your comfort zone? Where have you been kind when it was difficult for you? And really went outside of yourself. Because those stories, they are going to make it alive It's going to inspire and empower other participants in this course to do the same. As we go along, we're going to do more of that work together. In this level, everything we've learned in all the other levels stems from the level that we're going to learn today. Even if it's going to sound a little bit not very logical and a bit esoteric even, I still encourage you to keep an open mind. Let me take you with me on a journey where I'm asking you to keep an open mind and while you do that, try to fill in and see if it resonates with you. Because what I'm going to share with you is not necessarily something I can prove to you. But I would like you to see, if it makes sense even in an illogical way. Let's see. What is it that is going to cause us to go deeper in our study, our understanding? According to the wisdom of Kabbalah if we want to really go deeper in our transformation on a soul level, we need to ask the question, why? So, let's ask, why, why, why are we here? Why all this universe, why do we have a tikkun? Why is it so important to embrace the process? Why can't I just receive Light in an easy way, directly? Why do I need to work for it and to overcome my opponent? What is it all about? Scientists say that this universe was created by the Big Bang. But the teachings of Kabbalah tell us what was before the Big Bang. We teach in Kabbalah that this universe exists in 10 dimensions. Let's take a look at this diagram. That diagram you see 10 different levels, 10 dots. All those 10 dots represent the entire existence. But only those 9 dots from top to bottom they represent the realm of spirituality, the realm of the Light. The very bottom of the diagram the last dot, guess what it is. That's where we are. That's the physical reality. And this is where the Light is hidden from our eyes. We cannot see the Light in that realm. Kabbalah teaches that the Light permeates through all levels of the diagram through all levels of existence but it's up to us to reveal the Light that hides in that very last level. So what we're going to do now is to embark together on that journey that is going to lead us to understand why we are here.

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