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Saint Patrick's Life

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And now it's time for Lutfi's Fanciful Flannelgraph the part of the show where Lutfis comes out with his Fanciful Flannelgraph and teaches a most important lesson! Hello children! I am Lutfi and this is my Fanciful Flannelgraph! By the colour of my clothes and the shamrock in my hand I bet you are thinking it is Saint Patrick's Day If this is March 17th then you're right! That is because every year on March 17th people everywhere celebrate Saint Patrick's Day A long, long time ago In a country called England a little baby was born His name was... Saint Patrick! Hold on! You are not old enough to talk! and your name is not YET Saint Patrick! Sorry! Your name is Maewyn Suceat Hurry up and name me Saint Patrick Shhh! Sorry! Maewyn Suceat grew up as a normal little boy Can I talk now? Yes! Maewyn Suceat. I'm a normal boy. A normal boy with a... strange name! Maewyn went to school played and went to church No soccer balls in church and he was kidnapped by pirates! Wait! That's not normal! If you were too normal you would not have a holiday... named after you Good point! The pirates took Maewyn to a country they called Ireland There he was sold as a slave and his name was changed. Slave... bad Name change...good! Hi! I'd like to request "Saint Patrick"! Not yet! He was now called... Pig boy, feed the pigs! Pig boy! Maewyn Suceat has a rather nice ring to it! Now, this was the land of the Druids and the people there spoke a different language But we'll make believe everyone spoke English... like Stark Trek Even the pigs? No, not the pigs! OK! The Druids also did not know about God They practised a religion known as... ...paganism. Paganism? Yes! Instead of praying to God Pagans prayed to things like... twigs Oh, Mighty twig ! You are powerful and...twiglike! and pond scum Oh, Mighty pondscum! You are powerful and...scummy! And they painted with all the colours of the wind And so it was that Pig boy Maewyn Suceat went about serving his master mopping his floors feeding his pigs and learning his language Now Maewyn was very far from home and very lonely He remembered what he had learned in church about God loving him and always being with him. So Maewyn began praying and talking to God He prayed before BEDTIME He prayed when he worked He prayed when he ate In fact he prayed ALL THE TIME! Well, in no time at all he was praying over a one hundred times a day! That's a lot...but's cool! Would you like to pray to my twig? No,..I.. I'm good. Mawwyn grew very close to God and God took care of him and kept him safe and one day after Maewyn had been in Ireland for six years God told him it was time to go huh!... Alright! Later, pigs! Ahhh, bigidee boooo, googledly goo... Maewyn walked and walked and walked two hundred miles before reaching the sea Good day, Captain. My name is Maewyn Suceat. I was captured six years ago by pirates and sold into slavery. Since then I've been feeding pigs and praying one hundred times a day. Can I have a lift? Alright then! The ship sailed for three days before reaching the coast Then they set off on foot to the nearest town But their directions went a little off! After twenty-eight days of walking their supplies had run out The men were starving. Are you starving? I'm starving! I'm starving too! We're all going to die if we don't get something to eat! See Maewyn, you said you pray a hundred times a day. How about praying for some food? Yeah, mate! Come on! Come on! Ohh... alright! Amen Oh! That's miraculously delicious You know Maewyn, you've really got something going there Thanks a lot! Don't thank me, Captain Thank God Alright then! Thank you God! Thank you Lord! Now, back home the years passed by and Maewyn continued to grow closer to God and one night he had a dream We beg of you, holy youth, that you should come and work again among us! Maewyn dreamed that the people of Ireland were calling him back to come and tell them about God Well you mind if I finish school first? I'm doing quite well. No, no, take your time! no rush! Alright then! So Maewyn got his education and because of his hard work and great love for God he became a bishop Which meant that he had a lot of responsibilities in the church and could help many people It also meant that he got a new name Patrick! Saint Patrick? huh..the "Saint" part comes a little bit later Alright then! And Patrick made his way back to Ireland. Back to the place where he had been taken by pirates and sold as a slave many years before Back he went to tell the people about God So, you see?, God is like a Shamrock Oh great shamrock! You are powerful! No, no, no, no. This is simply a metaphor Oh Great Metaphor!! No,no,no...God is LIKE a shamrock because he is three persons in one He's God The Father God The Son And God The Holy Ghost One God. Three persons. So are there any ways that God is, say, like a twig? No. None that come to mind! Oh, alright! Just asking! And so it was that through Patrick the people of Ireland turned to God And God blessed Patrick as Patrick blessed the people of Ireland He lived a good long life among the people he loved so much and had been good to serve On March 17th in the year 460 Patrick died at the age of seventy-three and his name was changed one last time This time to Saint Patrick And that is why every year on March 17th people all over are wearing a little green The colour of Ireland and celebrate Saint Patrick's day A great man who loved Ireland and who loved God THE END!

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Amusing cartoon which teaches us the key facts in Saint Patrick's life and why we celetrate Saint Patrick's Day all over the world... more or less

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