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Roxanne Meadows Zday 2010 - Part 1of2

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Proucavanje ljudskog ponasanja je jos uvek u ranim stadiumima. Sva ostala polja nauke, tragaju za fizickom vezom uzroka i posledice. Jedan od najbitnijih ogranicavajucih faktora The study of human behaviour is still in its early stages. In all other fields of science they look for the physical relationship of cause and effect. One of the greatest limiting factors is that we fail to use the same methods of evaluation when we look at the study of human behaviour. Human behaviour is just as lawful as anything else. We are not separate from nature. To our knowledge, nothing is self activating. By this I mean that our environment influences our actions; our values and our behaviour. When I refer to "environment". I'm referring to all the interacting variables that a person is subjected to. This does not mean just their, their home life, but it means; the food they eat, the books that they read, the movies, the tv that they watch their teachers, their role models, their religion, their friends and the sub culture that they grow up in. So, most people don't understand just how much their values are influenced by their culture. Even notions of good and evil, and concepts of morality are arrived at through your society. This method of control does not use force, and it has been so successful that people no longer recognise the manipulation. All social systems perpetuate themselves. The values super imposed on people are there to support the system that they are in. If they didn't do this they couldn't get people to fight their wars, or defend their values. Patriotism is used in this way as well The dominant values of any social system does not come from its people, but rather, it represents the power elite. By this I mean; the church, the military, the banks and the corporations. To a large extent, they determine the public agenda for their own self interests. They perpetuate the illusion that society is determined from the ground up. With such notions as "democracy" and "freedom". Most media are used to serve the interest of the "power elite". What we have is managed news, and this news is what creates our behaviours and our values. Gods and demons are still used to control behaviour. Religion teaches us that there's good and bad people. That people are reincarnated to work through their past inadequate behaviour. And that the children must suffer the sins of their parents. These notions along with other statements such as; there will always be wars and rumour of wars. and that we will always have the poor among us. These are really awful notions. They're outdated myths, making it really difficult for people to understand how their values are shaped by their environment. This situation is true for many geneticists as well. They attribute behaviour to the genes entirely. Dr. Mate, who is a physician in Vancouver, and is also a well known author. He states "If it is all caused by genetics, we don't have to look at our social policies. we don't have to look at our politics. That disadvantage certain minority groups. That cause them more stress Cause them more pain. In other words - more predisposition to addiction. And we don't have to look at our economic inequalities. If it is all genes. Society doesn't have to take a hard look at its own attitudes and policies. Dr. Mate, also explains that the hardcore drug addicts that he treats, without exception, are people who have had extraordinarily difficult lives, excuse me. and that the commonality of their childhood is child abuse. In other words - these people all enter life under extremely adverse circumstances. The same scenario is found throughout studies in the United States as well. Dr. Mate, also claims "Unfortunately my profession, the medical profession puts all the emphasis on genetics, rather than the environment. Which of course is a simple explanation. It also takes everybody "off the hook". He goes on to explain that when we put people in prison, we are really incarcerating them for their abusive childhood. Well the Venus Project goes even further to explain the causes of aberrant behaviour as being the entire social economic system we live under. Science of behaviour has not been successful. because they look at the individual alone. without looking at the at the causes in the environment responsible for the individuals behaviour. The idea that the efforts should be concentrated on the individual alone is grossly inadequate. If we don't identify the appropriate conditions responsible for aberrant behaviour within the society, will continue to have the same problems over and over again. The difference between a priest a thief and a banker, although I see very little difference between them. The difference isn't found in their genes, but in the environment that they are raised under. For example, in the ancient Roman times you could find entire families going to see Christians being fed to lions. and the little boy may say "daddy, daddy can we go see Christians being fed to lions next week?" and the father may say "If you behave yourself". So is the little boy bad or insane? No, he is merely reflecting the society of his times. This is also true with the military men of today. who is indoctrinated to kill or drop bombs on entire villages. You may think he looses sleep over this but no that's not the case. Most of the time they're given medals and reinforced for such actions. The pilot reflects the values of his culture just as the Roman family did. What we call conscience and morality are not inborn traits, but are determined by culture, geography and the times. If a young Nazi boy was raised as a baby in Nazi Germany heed be a Nazi. If you were to approach the head hunters of the Amazon and said to one, oh my gosh! You have ten shrunken heads in your hut. Dont you feel terrible? He may say, "yes I do. My brother has twenty".

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Posted by: zeitgeistbrasil on Apr 13, 2010

Roxanne Meadows from The Venus Project, speaking about Human Behavior at Zday 2010 NY event.

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