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Purpose and Reason

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: A Chat with Purpose This is the manifested construct design - purpose the word - purpose in itself means the following: pur, means in addition pose means the people of the son's or the persons of the son's so purpose, in and within the expression of sound as the word means in addition, for the person or people of the son's the sons are for example Anu Enki Enlil and Marduk who are, and have been the main characters within this playground, this play which we are participating and acting within this addition, this particular addition is what has been added to the manifested physical design as the human physical body within which beings are currently experiencing themselves because the mind and itself was a design a manifested design brought to Life the sons, the designers the creators believed that for this manifested design to exist it must have a reason to exist this reason to exist would become this manifested design's "Life force" and this reason became the addition of purpose so purpose, in itself is- a Life force that was added to the manifested design of the mind to give it a reason to exist for it to be able to function by itself yet still within a controlled way the controlled way was the programing of the mind the mind system design therefore purpose is a Life force, added into the manifested design of the mind to give it a reason to be able to exist from itself by itself yet still within a controlled, programed operational way and this is why the mind within which you have been merged into and as and believe yourself to be fears, existing without purpose because purpose has become it's very Life, it's very essence and believes and thinks that if purpose will not to exist it would not exist beings believe that if they were to have no purpose they would not exist which is, a fascinating point to consider because what you are actually saying is that: I am limited to the definition of me according to only being a purpose and what is fascinating is the following: the purpose is undefined meaning, the reason to exist is undefined the additional Life force that has been added into and as the persons or people of the sons is what purpose is - just a Life force the Life force of the mind, manifested system design and that is it purpose is but an- an experience it has no reason did it- is a reason and the reason for purpose is but a Life force for the mind manifested system design it's a constructed system cycle which lead nowhere therefore having a purpose means nothing but as a Life force to be able to exist purpose is empty, meaningless it is nothing you do not need or require a purpose to exist which is saying: I need a Life force to exist which is saying I need a reason to exist but everyone always looking for a reason but there is (smile) no reason is there any reason in this reality? in this existence in this world that it exists? is there any common sense that this existence as it exists? is there any purpose, do you see any purpose? do you see any reason? I do not I see none but only beings who fears and amalgamated with the mind, manifested system designs searching and looking for that experience defined as being in apparent purpose or reason to exist when in fact it is already here I exist here but do we see? do we realize? I suggest stop all searching because you will not find what you are looking forever searching in the enslaved cycle that will eat you up inside realize simplicity of breathing, here of being here of seeing here, of realizing here purpose does not existed here, reason does not existed here and Life force does not existed here I do not need or require or want or desire a Life force or reason or purpose to exist but I realize, I exist here as I am here thank you More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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