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Tate no yuusha

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Shit! To put one's life in danger saving everyone I don't even know Mr. Hero! please do something to save this world Oh! so these men are the four great heroes foretold since ancient times. This looks like a game isn't it? It's a game, right? It's not a net game or something but more like a console game world type Wrong, it's called a VR-MMORPG type of a game I remember calling it "ranuve" Our country the Mereromak It appears that the entire world is now facing towards destruction Seriously! Look! I'm really in a new different world! So exciting! You're the Shield Hero right? Yes, but why? What the hell is going on? Never thought you would actually do such hideous act... Such a headache... Why is there a need to summon the useless Hero of shield? Shield... Again, Just a shield!!! No matter where I go detestable people like you never end If that is so, I'll face this "WAVE" myself and do it my own way With that, I lost trust, money, face, dignity as a hero... everything Even though I have defensive ability I lack offensive ability Since I lack such ability, I don't have means to defeat enemies I hate this kind of loop Your name?! ...Riphthallia Ripthalia, pull out your knife... Blood! I'm scared... Soon, the dreadful "WAVE" will befall on this world.. Until then, I have to get stronger... If you can't fight anymore, then you have no use for me anymore Stab this piece of shit with your sword! Hurry up! If I die, you will die as well!! No, don't go!!! Don't leave me behind! You can't die!!! Naofumi-sama! The only thing I'm capable of doing is to make you fight at the best of your capability

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Posted by: aryl on Jan 18, 2019

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