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But it Also, here in the crown there is a stone as a container and may be the hardest summer but that water will not dry. such, no? then, so when they felt toothache from afar, from Valcanes in Jambalo, came to juagar mouth and wash with water to pass him toothache and handed him the pain ... Hmmm ... then I go up lol people who do not know how to weave, which makes the first test and come to hang them there to learn to knit ... For if, because the stone teaches girls knitting this is how girls begin to bring their first fabrics talked a lot of today jigras these ... the first that girls do begin to weave when Grandma taught. Students who do not finish high school, here they come to pay promise there are books that's what I was going to ask: why the notebooks? students if they have lost the study then, come to pay promise the promise is for next year to do better to do better hen, the owners of the sheep come to pay penance. this is hot weather this is hot weather children also listen not only to parents but the story that others talk about the stone is not only a duty of parents but also it is the duty of society teach the child about the value of stone ... then the child has two ways to learn both parents, but also the community. lboth Parents, But Also the community. and you see if we belong here now. helping to organize this this is very nice ... is very cute and people say you never dry? always remain so? yes... and the old Mayor had to take the water? if he gives the order ... when the sick are cured by this water and heal previously said that he had great respect but now, the young of today do not believe in anything ... and they write many bad things in stone

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Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Producer: Quith Perdomo
Director: Quith Perdomo
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Posted by: maory on Sep 28, 2010

una gran piedra sagrada para los indigenas paeces del resguardo indigena de Pitayó en Silvia Cauca Colombia

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