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George Clooney's Thanksgiving

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Well, here we go, Ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be exciting. I think everybody likes this fellow and we're always lucky to have him on the programme. He's an Academy award winning actor. He's starring in a brand new motion picture entitled The Good German. It opens December 15th in selected cities. I just pray to God your city has been selected. Here he is, the lovely, the charming George Clooney, everybody! Yeah. Welcome back, George. Good to be back. Well, you look great. Yeah, I feel good. How was your...? Happy birthday.Thank you for remembering. How was your Thanksgiving? Good, good, I had it in Los Angeles, the epicenter of Thanksgiving holidays. It really is another Plymouth Rock, there, isn't it? It really is. It can be a palm tree kind of Christmas. Yeah, I cooked it up. Really. They do cook. I do. I cook it. Really? You do that weird thing with the turkey, don't you? That's what I ... Hey, hey, hey. Is this... Is this like a top ten list? No, no… Do you know what I mean? Tell them what you do with the turkey. That's why I came out here right after that? Are we nuts? Did I make this up? I deep fry the turkey. You deep fry the turkey. Well, that's no small feat for God sakes. No you could set fire to something.That's right. And you have some huge container of boiling oil. Is that right? Yes, I keep it at my house over the year, you know, just for anybody who comes by.How large is that? The turkey or the… The bowl. The pot. The secret to this is that the pot has to be bigger than the turkey... That was what I did wrong the first (time). You did that wrong. That's what I had to learn. So you boil the oil.: Think about a twenty-pound turkey and boil the oil. Well and how long does it take to cook? 6-7 seconds. McDonalds. Done. Enjoy it. Happy Thanksgiving. You should see what I do with the stuffing. But to be on the turkey. Do you know how to cook stuff? I can cook Thanksgiving and subsequently Christmas, the exact same. They're similar. I'll give you that. They're very similar. I get the honeybake ham. This is a promo I get free ham now for. Is it...And is the food good? Do you know how to make delicious stuff? I cover it in... You know. Everyone can serve it and I think it's great because it's you know, 400 sticks of butter. So if you can't feel your left arm. It's probably good. It's a good meal. Getting dark in here? Granma's waving to me.Oh, no. Granma! My goodness. So you really loaded up on the butter. Yeah. I figured. How many folks were there? Over the day probably about 30 or stuff. Kind of an open house thing. People drop in and... Yeah, I lifted a sign out on the front of the lawn. Only about 30 people showed up. It's not going so well for me lately. Thanksgiving dinner here! with an arrow. Is that what it is? Yeah, Eat with George! Eat with George! Yeah, picture me like... Yeah, I'd think you'd do better than thirty. But that's a start for heaven sakes.Yeah, it's been a rough year. But listen...yes, it has. Congratulations on winning your Academy award. That's very nice... Thank you... I have it right here. Ah... What I remember about this is you were nominated in a variety of categories for , I believe, two different films. Is that what it was?That's right. And one was the... Syriana and that's the one you won for Best Supporting Actor. That's right. And the other nominations came from Good Night, Good Luck. That was tremendous. What does that do to you? To not only be nominated and win but be nominated in so many categories.Well, it makes me... exceptionally talented.

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Interview at David Letterman's show where George Clooney tells about his Thanksgiving dinner.

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