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Pavlov's classical conditioning has been proven effective both with animals and humans.

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Posted by: pehtis on Sep 5, 2010

What is mind control?
Is it something that determine your choices and perceptions? Are you FREE at all? Is your reason CONTROLLED? Do you have the guts to find out what is fact and what is control?

Bernard: 'What is Mind Control'? It is the control of your 'thoughts'. ...
..All you have to do now is 'correct the Physical' 'Pre-Programming', in terms of your 'Patterning' and make sure that you 'Physically Live in Equality' and you have stopped all Mind Control and nobody can control you, because you work with 'Common Sense', 'Self Honesty' and 'Self Forgiveness'. So, 'Desteni' is your 'answer' to 'prevent all Mind Control' and stop the current Mind Control 'you're under'. 'Welcome to Freedom'.

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