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Will the World End in 2012? Sadhguru

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♫♫♫ Some of the leaders who can right now make a huge difference to the world, they firmly believe that the world will end in whatever this 2012 or whatever. You know that? People who are leading the country believe that the world is going to end in 2012. No wonder that they're living so blatantly. These doomsayers have always been there in the world, nothing new. Ok? The way they are living, yes, it's a possibility the world could end. There is no such a immediate danger, don't worry. Now, the true danger is not "the world is going to end"; the world may live on in a terrible condition. That's the real danger. The world ends - what's your problem. *laughter* The world ends - there is no problem. The world may just live on but... terrible problems. That is the real problem. Isn't it. So that's what we must guard ourselves against, not about world ending. The world ends - what's the problem. All problems are over. Isn't it. The world will live on - if we don't live responsibly world will continue to live on in a terrible condition. That's going to be bad, isn't it. It's only happening to small segments of humanity right now where people are living in absolutely terrible conditions. Either because of poverty or violence or disease. Certain segment of humanity is right now living in absolutely disastrous conditions, isn't it? Whether it's because of war or disease or poverty - it's happening. We are just going on thinking such a thing will never happen to us. Maybe it'll not happen to us; suppose it happens to our children. Do we want it? Maybe it'll not happen to me; suppose it happens to our children. Do we want that to happen to them? But the possibility is not far, isn't it. If we don't live responsibly the possibility is not far. It's close. So we are always thinking, "what about the president, what about the prime minister". Forget about them. What about you? Isn't it? What about you? Just let that happen. This is the only way that world can change, one at a time. Understand? There is no going to be all of a sudden the whole world got enlightened like this. Such thing won't happen. An individual has to make effort to evolve. It's only from that something wonderful will happen in the world. Politicians didn't fall upon us from heaven or hell. It is we who elevated them to where they are. Isn't it? That's what democracy means, isn't it so? You're the king. That's what democracy means. So what kind of king would you choose - just what you deserve. So if you deserve something better, you have to transform yourself. Then naturally you'll have a transformed king. ♫♫♫

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the end of the world scenario in 2012. He explains that there is no such immediate danger and that the real danger is that the world may live on in a terrible condition. (SaO75)

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