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The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 02

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...and this also extends through the great dark spot on Neptune, this extends through a shield volcano on Mars, called "Olympus Mons" all throughout the solar system. So, here's the secret. This is just a puddle of water, it's got ordinary particles of sand in it called "colloids" and those colloids are then vibrated on perfect sound frequencies like the white keys on the piano. And what you get is this interesting geometric shape inside which should look pretty familiar to us by now. So, this is the same pile of sand in the same water just with different sound frequencies and this is a very important point that we are gonna get into soon. the fact is that you can crank up the sound to a different frequency and you get the same stable geometry (that) stays there, (it) doesn't move, if we crank it back down, it goes back to the other shape. So these shapes were made consistent for the given volume of water that you have and the shape of that water regardless of how many times you change of frequencies, and it's also important to notice that the density of the structure, the density of the geometry gets higher as the pitch goes higher , these are increasing pitches as you go down, that's a very important point. So what if physical matter is actually built like this, what if this is the secret of physical matter. Could that mean that atoms molecules as we know them would fundamentally shift, that's what we are looking at. As I was training you into seeing yesterday, Is there a parallel reality where space and time flip over? Where they invert with each other, and the answer is yes, that's is actually what is going on. Does this solve all the basic quantum physics problems? It does. And that has been proven. (It) goes back to the two slit experiment where you have single electrones that move through two slits but then they form an interference pattern of more than two slits on the other side which is like a wave, so here you have a particle but over here you have a wave and you can even have multiple strikes at the same time. So atoms and electrons are not little bitty chunks of matter, they're just energy, but they are not behaving the way they should. So, here is another diagram, this is what a wave does, a wave is just like if there was liquid here and then it hits this it ripples like two waves on a pond coming together and that's how you get your interference pattern. So of course wave-particle duality. What we are discussing now is the idea that a particle is here in space-time that's where it's fixed in time, but can move around in space, But in the inverted world it's spread around in time. So it's still the same thing, it's just that it has now flipped over into another domain, and in that other domain space is spread out in time and thus you get this kind of wave form, it's created from it. Well, this would all be just kind of an interesting intellectual study until you start looking at larger objects. Now, check this out. This is alittle thing called a "bukyball" or a "fullerine" It's a carbon molecule, 60 of them put together, obviously this is a solid piece of matter, in fact they are used to store items inside of them they can be used for disaster clean-ups like oil spills eventually if they can manufacture enough of the, that kind of thing would be great for that. Well Zeilinger in 1999 took these carbon 60 molecules and shot them at a 100 nanometer defraction range which is a little slit like I showed you before, and it got an interference pattern which is like a wave, so, do you realize what that means? The buckyballs were rolling inside-out somehow, they hit that wall, and they turned over, like, if you ever had one of those little balloons where you squezee it in your hands and it goes (...). Is there everybody with me? That's what seems to be happening with physical matter and I heard that from psy-ops people as well, in the forum of Austria, so this little guy popped into all these wasves when it hit the wall because it flipped inside-out, Now what is really interesting about the geometry that we are already showing you like the geometry at the formation of the universe is that they also can do this, but they they do this in a very interesting way; when these geometries flip inside out, this is the opposite that they form, so when you have the dodecahedron it forms the icosahedron, the tetrahedron flips into another tetrahedron upside-down and then the octahedron flips over into a cube and it goes back and foward between those two. Now here is another very facinating point: we've just seen how the fullerine can be inversed into a wave, well guess what, the DNA is almost the same width. Now, just tune on that for a second if you havent already seen this talk. I mean, DNA is supposed to be a molecule, in fact, the amount of DNA in one cell of you body if you space it out it's five feet long, five feet tall. So there is a lot of DNA in there but if DNA can turn into a wave, and that opens the door to all these quantum non-locality principles, all of sudden all that stuff becomes real, it becomes true. But we already have plenty of experimental evidence and I'm just gonna show you one of the right for now. This is Kaznacheyev the russian scientist who past a deceased cell culture throgh a shield here which when it was glass there was no effect of course the other culture was just healthy tissue but then when he path through quartz the quartz allowed the disease to be transmitted to the healthy cells here, so you have diseased to healthy. All virus again is a little tiny thing, most viruses are shapped like geometry, I don't knwo if you remember that, a virus can turn into a wave, OK? So there are some people who beleive for example that AIDS is synthetic and that you can actually activate the dormant virus with a wave. It is important to remember that your conciousness has more power than any wave that could ever be beamed at you, so if you ever start worrying about electromagnetic mind control or all these silly things that people get focused on. That's something that you don't need to worry about. Also, has anybody here done healing? Has anybody... OK, wow, that's more than half. Have you ever noticed how if you are with somebody and you are really empathizing with somebody who's sick, that you start feeling some of the same thing they've got? There was a case where I had a woman, they were doing a reiki session on her and I was in the room and I start to have this outrageous pain in my big toe, It turns out that she had a ganger in this foot, the exact spot on my toe that hurt was where the pain was the most strong for her, so this is real stuff. But the thing is when you get these energetic beamings unlike this helpless little cell culture, your consciousness has a huge effect on what is gonna happen to you and those little health problems they don't last very long, right? I mean, usually if you ever do healing work on somebody just as a tip, go wash your hands, from elbows down, because that will get rid of this energy, O.K? it's a very effective means of doing that. So Dewey Larson, the physicist, revealed that time is in fact a three dimensional domain, and this is where we are getting into the idea of what's over there in the other side, when you flip over a particle and it turns into a wave. There is a three dimensional realm, where time as we know it, is spaced out, Now, OK, not everybody is following me on this, ut we are going into how this works, so just stay with me. Einstein talked about the space-time fabric, and the basic idea about gravity is that planets are like dipping down in this fabric and the gravity is just the result of things rolling towards the planet as the fabric is displaced. Well think about it, if this were true, and all the planets are sitting on top of this fabric, that means that only the fabric and what's above it represents the realm that we live in. But then you've got this whole place on the bottom, and where is that? and how do we get there? Well the answer is you've got yo punch a hole through, so that's the wormhole, right, you know, the word "wormhole" comes from the idea of a worm borrowing through an apple, everybody remember that? And its like the outside of the apple is space-time, the inside of the apple where the worm goes is time-space, that's a three dimensional relm of time, time is not linear, its only linead because we are stuck in space-time. So what happens is time-space is inside of the apple, or the donut in this case, and space time is on the outside, but this whole system can inverse, so that space-time is now on the inside and time-space is in the outside. So, here is the basics of it again, three dimensions of space and one dimension of time you can move around in space but you are fixed in time, it's moving foward like a river, when you go into time-space, what we would think of as time is now three dimensional and what you would think of as space is now one-dimensional, you actually move around in three dimensions of time, this is where we are having dreams, this is where we are having astral experiences, that's why a psychic in a particular place can actually look foward and backward in time in that location, because they are viewing through time-space, that's where your psychic function is. This is, you travel in time-space, is actually time travel over here. Now, that sounds really far out, but the bottom line is all the things that I'm telling you have been verified by multiple black ops. witnesses, they have been verified by experimental secret projects, and a lot of actual evidence that's in the public domain, that we just don't normaly understand just what it is and why it's there. The entry and exit points are very important, if you look up in these medieval texts about faerie circles and faerie rings, these are the little circles that you go into where you find the faeries, or the gnomes or the dwarves or the elves or whatever,

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Part II: Hans Jenny / Cymatics, space and time inverting, wave-particle duality, Buckyballs / fullerenes, DNA as a wave, Kaznacheyev, psychic healing, Dewey Larson, 3D time, space-time fabric, time-space

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