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Ajan Henki trailer 2

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Flat tax system and cutting down corporate taxes -- reducing wages in public sector -- concerning -- working -- unemployment -- credibility -- this is what we -- Where is the real opposition? No one really objects to the economic life any longer. Every single politician is a gopher working for the economy. They do favours for a consideration for these Fescon(?) and Fortum and Fintum(?) and Sonera and Merita and whatnot clowns. A CIVIC ANNOUNCEMENT If we carry on in the same way as in the past we'll end up undergoing IMF's regimen by the time we can no longer pay back enough of our loans. What is to be expected is that national property will be seized, everything that can be privatised will be privatised, everything. In some countries even rain water is privatised. For example in some Central American countries and in many other developing countries is illegal to drink rain water unless you pay for the bank that owns the rights to drink rain water. Everything is privatised. This is the path we are en route to. Trust in our political system has certainly staggered in many people. Then again, we have made studies in which we have pointed out that trust hasn't changed, it hasn't been high in the first place. I have always protested against the old system because in my opinion it's limited, and it's an organization of strictly defined people. No, that is not a good thing. It is not right. It is no EC democracy. Healthy societies are built from the ground up, democracy from the ground up, not from an ivory tower. Somehow feels that people, like, are getting more and more crazy every day. And then you, like, seal yourself off from reality. You don't even want to think about things. As it has been stated earlier, a collapse is inevitable. Need for safety, Most of the worlds cities (?) people live in these kinds of conditions. Most of them. Who the fuck dares to claim that the rich western countries dont have the wealth and the reasons to help more? FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! It doesent horrify me. I think its like a part of this modern world that things get globalized and procurement grows, and of course there is also the aspect of attempting to get the best executor to do the single work stage. (t)

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Duration: 6 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Finland
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Zeitgeist-liike
Views: 231
Posted by: mice on Jan 19, 2011

Second trailer for Finnish Documentary film
Coming out March 2011

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