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הרב ברג כוח התנגדות 16

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I am going to try one day, I say I am going to open up a door and I am not going to advertise, and I am just going to wait for those people to come in who are going to say: "This is the last store I am going to buy. I only came in to tell you that this store is the place where I don't buy". Right? That is the kind of customers we are going to get. Wow! If we can only have a couple thousands of those customers, because that is what is going to reveal all the other customers. Is that the way you going to think? We do. If somebody complains, we learn from the complaint. Right? if somebody doesn't work in my place let's say that come and say: "I went to the bathroom, it was filthy etc". "Oh, thank you!" Or let's say you have free choice. You don't like my setup? Go elsewhere. That is the other answer, right? But the one who is smart will say 'Thank you' is uncomfortable at that point or he can go one step further: was it really bad? It was terrible! Oh, I'm sorry that it wasn't even worse. All right? Who is going to try it? You can't let go. You know what I mean? Try it! We learn that it is the only way in fact that it works. We learn it is the only way it works. (Student) In other words, you are saying: we open a business, not going to advertise, and just to know... And pray that nobody walks in. I want to say: pray that everybody walks in. (Student) You want to say: "Get away from here!" No, no, I didn't say that. ...what he wants to buy. In my mind: Oh, if he won't buy, only if he doesn't buy, because if he buys, then this is what I'm getting, this is what the purpose was originally, right? Why did I open up the store if not to really get customers? But at that moment a customer comes in, to the point when you will say: Oh, I would really be happy if he walked out. I would really be happy, if he walked out. He is never going to walk out. You don't have to insult him, this in not the requirement. This is between you and you. This is not between me and him. But in thought what is restriction? (Student) How do you reject him without taking him in? Oh, now you see? He may come over and he brought a nail. He needs nail, right? He puts down the 2 cents for the nail. And you say: "Who needs your 2 cents! Take your 2 cents back. I don't want to sell it to you!" (Student) But that is very rude... That is why I don't want you to do that. That I won't be able to do. Why? Because are you committed to hurt somebody? Here we are talking about rejection and sharing. Listen, what can I do? I have no choice, I must take his 2 cents, because if didn't take the 2 cents, I would insult him. Out of no choice I have to take the 2 cents. He want to buy all the furnishings for a house which amounts about 90,000 dollars. No, I really don't want it. I have one of two choices: I can throw him out of the store or say I have no choice, but I'll have to take his money, right? But if this genuine feeling is that: Wow! Look at the sale, and I reject that. (Student) Just reject that feeling of.... That's right. That's just that feeling. That's right. (Student) You don't want to reject the things coming in. I have no right to project myself onto somebody else. That is not what we are talking about. Like I will say: "I know what is good for you". You know, it can stretch. I know you shouldn't buy it. Why should you waste all that money, right? So there I'm really expressing the restriction, right? (Student) If somebody wants to buy a certain amount.... Right. Do I have a right to do that? Now already I'm interfering at what that man wants. You see, that also is another rule, isn't it? Nobody is permitted to interfere in anybody else's Seret, in anyone else's program, right? If he wants to buy, I don't know the reason he want to buy. He has got maybe a thousand other things going with this purchase, right? Maybe he is even buying it for a building that he can have Hachnasat Orchim. He is buying it, which I don't know and I'm not going to ask him why he is buying it? He maybe buying it so he can put up a building where he can now feed homeless. Are you allowed to say: "Do not buy it"? Who are you to restrict that man from doing such a beautiful thing? So you never permitted to interfere, because than you have to go into all of the thoughts of what that man is about, and obviously we have no right to interfere into someone else's Tikkun or someone else's process. But what is between me and myself, there if you have total rejection in every step of the way you will have total fulfillment. Do you follow me? So you go through this trip and you say: "Well, I really want this sale". Why do I want this sale? Because I know probably he wants to do something good with it, right? So I would really reject it, and I would not take his money. But I know usually when someone comes in, they want to, everyone wants to purchase only for the sake of providing a home for the homeless, right? Everybody who walks into a Home Center is not buying it for himself, right? So how can I reject? Well, that also is not correct. In other words, either way you never interfere and make the Cheshbon of the other fellow. You have to make your Chashbon that the sale is great and it is going to benefit me, but really I do not want it. Really I do not want it, but what can I do? It comes in. I did not ask for it. It is true, I opened up the door, but well why do I open up....

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הרב ברג כוח התנגדות 16

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