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Global Warming Explained

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Can you tell me what you know about how global warming works, where does it come from? Glacial's melting? [laughter] Pollution? There's tons of reasons. We've had two ice ages and we were turned ice and got warm again. It could be natural or it could be anything. How'd it happen? I don't know. Stuffs are getting warming, you know? Like.. the snow isn't gonna be as much, you know? The cars and all the pollution that are causing in the world, right now. Just basically, you know, civilization really. You know what the mechanism is? No, I don't. No, not really. Global warming is happening because human have altered the Earth and atmosphere, so the heat can't escape from it. We need sun heat, of course; Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and water vapor retain the upheat from the sun to sustain life on earth. But human activity has disrupted that balance. We've put CO2, Methane, and Nitrogen Oxide at the atmosphere in massive amount by burning fossil fuel, oil, gas, and coal. We've cut down a lot of forests, and used farming method that add the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Now, there's too much CO2, Methane, and N2O in the air. Today, the atmosphere contains 32% more CO2 than a day in the mid-1800s. All those gases act like a blanket, retaining too much of the sun's heat. That means we're fundamentally changing planet Earth's climate. Global average temperature has risen by 6℃ since 1900. The Northern Hemisphere is now substantially warmer than of any point during the past 1000 years. And that, is global warming.

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What is Global Warming.

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