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Joel Parko Hunting in Rio

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Yeah, I feel good this year.

I feel like instead of kind of being hunted like I was last year as being world champ I'm more just hunting it again. And it's a better feeling. I feel like it's more like a normal year instead of defending a title. We have such a short break between Bells and Rio that basically it's just a few little short sessions and as much surfing, I guess, as you can do by trying new boards and that kind of thing. That does. That heat last year plays in my memory. I just feel sometimes you go into a heat where you feel so out of your depth but you don't know why. You're only as good as your last result. So what happens in the past is done to me. In Rio it's a typical beach break where it just happens quick. It's over in a matter of seconds. You get up, you might get 1 or 2 turns in or a little tube in, and then it's done. You don't really wait around. You're constantly catching waves. You can catch 12, 13 waves in a 30-minute heat, and it feels like you're in a complete fitness race the whole time. To get Joe ready for Rio we're come off that high level of leg phase lactate tolerance from Bells and we've moved into Rio where it's more like fast twitch muscle fiber, so a lot of speed work and a lot of quick reaction time. We really added in a lot of cardio, a lot of coordination, a lot of agility work. And the reason why we did that is because we wanted to make sure Joel could maintain his concentration and reaction time the whole 30 minutes of the heat. The first key exercise we use is Russian Twists on the ball, which creates more speed and more core control for Joel's roundhouse cutback. The second key exercise is squat jumps with rotation to give Joel the leg strength but also the rotational power to land his air reverses. When I go into heats kind of happy and smiley it's always my best heats.

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Posted by: lukethread on May 6, 2014

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"Instead of being hunted like I was last year as world Champ I'm back hunting again and it feels good."

But after being knocked out in the 3rd round of the Billabong Rio Pro last year, Parko has been training hard to take revenge on the beach breaks of Brazil.

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