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Purim Connection

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Purim connection. It's a very happy day, day of Purim, because as we just went through Shabbat Zachor. Remember Shabbat that just came previously, was the Shabbat that was able to remove any kind of doubt in our life and to achieve absolute certainty. If we want to achieve absolute certainty, we have to cut the doubt, uproot the doubt from our own life. And once you remove the doubt from your life, you simply have certainty. And when you simply have certainty then you're just happy. Because you're no longer worried about what will be with me, what will be with my finances, what will be about my future, what will be with my relationship, what will be tomorrow, the unknown, what is going to be? And then, once we know everything is going to be just fine, everything is already fine and the light is with me and I am with the light and if the light is my personal partner I have nothing to worry about. The seed to remove all the doubts and insecurities was planted in this past Shabbat. And now with the energy of Purim, where we will hear the Megliah, which (Megilah) means... it's comming from the word in hebrew [Megelah] or revealing. We're going to reveal the light, which is called the light, which is the highest level of light, called Yesod of Aba. Or the level of Yesod of Chochmah, which is the highest level we can reach, not like any other holiday of the year. That's why the kabbalists say that when we will remove the curtains and the final redemption will be revealed, the only holiday that will stay with us is Purim, because Purim is pure light. You don't need to do much to connect to Purim, you don't need to pray for hours. All you need to do is use a few connections. Such as the Megilah and as we hear Megliah, we also hear the word Haman. Haman or connecting to the figure Haman that was from the seed of Amalek, which is the force of doubt. We want to destroy the force of doubt in our own lives. That's why when we hear the word Haman, we will meditate on the letters of the 72 names - kaf hey tav because that removes any kind of doubt, insecurities, fears in the seed level. So the fears that haunt us, have haunted us all of our lifetimes can potentially be removed with the power of Purim, with the power of the Megilah and with the connections as we will do. Now first of all, we need to know what is my doubt? What is my insecurity? and meditate on the kaf hey tav, from the 72 names, name number 8, to remove the force of doubt and evil, negative energy, your most disgusting ego can be removed with that force of kaf hey tav, with that Yesod of Aba, because Yesod of Aba is such pure light that it washes away all the doubts and negativity. That's why Purim is the holiday of happiness. We're also going to have a little drink, not too much, some people go crazy, it's not about going crazy. Yes we need to reach a point that we are soo happy. The wine, little bit of alcohol can help us. Remove the logic, because know doubt's are comming from logic. Is it possible? Not possible? Am I capable? Not capable? Is there light? Or isn't light? All these thoughts of logic take us nowhere. The wine will help us disconnect from our logic and therefore, we can connect to our true self. By the way, we're wearing masks and so on and we get dressed like something else, but it's actually... On one hand, you're getting dressed like a different person, but what you really want to do, is to reveal your true self. Because we are so insecure. What if somebody will really know who I really am with all of my weaknesses? Oh my God, people will see me naked, I'll feel very ashamed. We constantly feel ashamed and that's why we don't want to show who we really are. That's one of our fears. So we want to reveal who we really are. Sometimes the wine can help also. But the consciousness is to just be you. because if you're trying to be something else that, you know, people would like and... are trying to get approval from other people, it only means that deep inside you don't truly love yourself. And we need to learn to have that self-acceptance with our negativity, with our weaknesses. And whoever accepts us, it's their decision. But we need to be free to be ourselves. And then we're going to have the [hebrew] connection. There's is the whole lesson about Shabbat [hebrew] and there's a whole lesson about portion Ki Tissa that the Israelites would give, you know, a certain amount of silver and we're going to take 3 coins and we're going to raise them with our right hand and then lower our hand again, which is basically connecting to returning light, which is to know that we can do our work, but without the help of the light of the Creator, really nothing can manifest, so we want to do that connection tonight as well. Something is called [hebrew] or gifts for the poor. Basically the whole idea of giving gifts to the poor is that... you would say giving charity to the poor? Why do you say giving gifts? Because, you know, we really give gifts between us and friends? No? We don't give charity to friends. When you give charity it's like you're above the person and you're giving to somebody that is lower than you, but today, all the poor people are actually in the same level as we are, so when we give them something it's like a gift. When you give a gift to somebody, not only that you give and you receive the light, they give you the opportunity to share. As the Rav would explain, a real poor person is a person that gives you, at least he knows or she knows that they give you the opportunity to share, and therefore, it's a win - win situation. On one hand, you have an opportunity to share, on the other hand, the person who receives, gives you that opportunity to share. That's why it's important, to give a gift to a person that is truly a poor person, which is basically a person that knows that it's not for them, to receive, but rather, to give you an opportunity to share. And whatever they receive, they are willing to give and make a difference. And then we also have the power of Tzedaka. Tzedaka is to do something outside of my comfort zone, to basically, go to my next level. And there's something that is called [hebrew] that you actually give, you know, different pieces of food or drink or something to your friends, and you're exchanging gifts between you and your friends. This basically is the connection that is recommended, recommended to make. If you would like to do the charity with your teacher, this is also a great opportunity, to do so, today, tonight, anywhere you are. There is the Megilah reading tonight, and there's also, optional as well, it's important to do it during the day, it's possible. And most importantly, to have that consciousness, that I want to reveal my light and my true potential. I also prepared a verse from the Zohar, that I'll read. It's verse number 2, portion Ki Tetze This is just to connect to the energetic level of this holiday. [hebrew] You may say that Esther, we know Ester from the Megilah is called [hebrew], had a bad reputation BY SAYING that she was defiled by Ahasuerus, we know that the king of, back then of Persia, was Ahasuerus and Ester, who represented the Israelite nation, was seen to actually have been with him. OK? Meaning, that she impurified herself by being with him in a sexual way. Nevertheless, it says, yet she was worthy the the Holy Spirit, WHICH IS MALCHUT, would be clothed with her. So how could that be? So basically we know, that Ester wasn't really with him. There was a whole illusion. An illusion situation that there was actually an angel that was with the Ahasuerus and he thought that it was Esther. Esther would never impurify herself. Then it says "Esther put on her royal apparel" (Ester 5:1). IN THAT CASE, YOU ARE BRINGING OUT AN EVIL NAME ON MALCHUT. Yet the Holy One, blessed be He, said, "I am Hashem, that is My name, and My glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to carved idols" WHICH IS THE SHECHINAH CALLED 'NAME', 'GLORY' AND 'PRAISE'. The Holy Spirit is the Shechinah and is a name that was clothed with Esther. HOW CAN YOU SAY SHE WAS DEFILED WITH AHASUERUS? We know... that the 1% reality is one whole, big illusion. Ahasuerus who wasn't spiritual thought that he was with her, but actually he wasn't. Because she was with the Shechinah, she was completely protected. Because her consciousness was so pure, to reveal the light force of the Creator. That's why she was connected to the Shechinah, which is the complete revelation of the light force of the Creator in the world. If we keep that consciousness, that we want to be as pure as possible, as giving as possible, as caring as possible and we are willing to let go of the Klipot or the Shells or the version of ourselves - of selfishness, that is fearful, that is insecure, that is judgmental. We have the opportunity, to remove this curtain, to reveal our true concealed light and the purpose for which our soul came into this world. So thank you very much for joining the Purim connection. Enjoy this wonderful day. Wishing you lots of happiness, true certainty and much love. Thank you.

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