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Overcoming Religious Intolerance

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Phase 336}Overcoming religious intolerance" We are beings of limited capacities... And limited mental capabilities... Yet we live in a universe of infinite knowledge... Of infinite truth... Some of us use our capabilities to discover... To understand... But since our capacities are limited, we must understand that our conclusions are mere perceptions of "our journey None of us have complete truth... But rather, each one of us has a perception of truth... And since the creator is infinite in knowledge, presence, and wisdom... We can not fully understand him... Let alone fight with each other over who's viewpoint is the correct one... Lets take the ocean as an example... If the ocean represented absolute truth... All we have is one cup to fill... That is our capacity So no matter how much we fill our cup, it remains a limited sample of the ocean... Now imagine that people around the world are fighting over who's cup is the best cup, and why each cup is the correct viewpoint of the ocean When in fact none of us have the complete ocean in our cup... And this is our condition in relation to truth, god, and religion... Nobody has the right to judge others because he/she believes that their viewpoint is the absolute truth It is merely a perception... Sure some may be more accurate than others, and some have added external poisons to their cups, but none hold complete truth... And this is why it is essential that you build your own journey... That you fill your own cup... while understanding and accepting the fact that other people have different cups... All of which come from the same ocean And judgment is with god I am sure you have heard the old tale about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and you know no one has ever found it. Most people would say it is because there is no gold but the real reason is that there is no rainbow. Let me explain. The waterfall you have been looking at has a very special feature There is a rocky ledge behind the fall and it allows you to walk around the waterfall and look at it from every possible angle. On a sunny day, you can see a shimmering rainbow in a mist produced by the falling water that is you can see a rainbow when you look at the waterfall from the right angle. Now look what happens when we go behind the waterfall. We can still see the water fall and we can still see the mist. But from this angle, there is no rainbow. How can that be ? The reason is that the waterfall is a material phenomenon. There is a physical water falling so you can see it from any angle. The rainbow on the other hand is not a physical phenomenon so you can't go and touch the rainbow. The rainbow is an optical phenomenon, it is produced by light being reflected by water drops in the air but the rainbow is only visible from a specific viewing angle. It is kinda like a mirage in the desert and that's why the rainbow disappears if you try to walk up to it. Do you see what I am saying ? There is no physical rainbow that exists outside of the observer A rainbow is like beauty, it is all in the eye of the beholder. If you have two people who are looking at the waterfall from different angles, they can both see a rainbow but it will not be the same rainbow. The rainbow seen from one vantage point is different from the one seen from a different viewing angle. Now imagine that one person gets the idea that he is seeing the only real rainbow and that the rainbow seen by other people are fake. So he attempts to convince others that he is write and if they don't believe him he kills them. You will probably agree that there was something seriously wrong with this person's understanding of rainbows. As human beings we have been created with different mentalities, allowing us to build different opinions, goals and understandings... There is a Wisdom (hikma) for such different intellects... So why are so many of us determined on establishing one type or way of thinking ? Why are we continuously fighting those who disagree with us ? Instead of fighting over our differences, we should allow our religions to bring the best out of us. It begins with ourselves To improve our world, we must learn to improve our conditions, our character, our deeds... To do effectively, one must learn to be honest with himself/herself... In hopes of recognizing our own intentions, and working to purify them... Because we will be judged according to our motives and intentions (Niya)... So we must understanding our driving forces and learn to master them... Our intentions and actions are built on certain emotions... We are either driven by emotions of: Or emotions of: And these apply to every thought, intention, goal, or action we undertake... Simply put When we learn to build our goals and intentions on the positive emotions, we are healing our world... And when we build them on the negative we are killing our world... The followers of each religion should use their religion to reach for the spiritual pot of gold and the end of their rainbow that pot of gold is a direct experience of the god who is beyond the material world. It's called a mystical experience and millions of people have had them. Our world needs more love, more understanding, more faith, more mercy... More enthusiasm, more hope, more romance, more desire... If we begin to treat each other through those driving forces... And learn to work on ourselves in order to stay away from our negative driving forces Then we can become positive examples of our religions And just imagine what that would do for world peace... We must accept and embrace our differences, because our differences are what makes us human Yet no matter what we believe in, or where we come from, we all share basic moral principles... That is the common ground we must build on You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord. Torah (19:18) "Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you" -Jesus- "Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful." Udana-VarGa 5:18 "This is the sum of Duty: Do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you." Mahabharata 5:1517 "Do not do to others that which would anger you if others did it to you." -Socrates- "None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." -Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)- several t truths several different several different truths 1 common ground Phase 3 To be continued inshallah...

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Chapter 4 is the final chapter of phase 3. It will be one which focuses on the solutions, in hopes of inspiring worthy positive change worldwide.
From food, to careers, to relationship choices, we have been manipulated to chase the appearance and ignore the internal realities. We continue to strengthen this system as we support its poisons.
Phase 3 is intended to be a film of reflection rather than only information. It is meant to involve the viewer and to expect a level pro-activeness within us all, inshallah.

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