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Interview Archbishop Edit_2

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What in your thinking is happening when you pray, Thy Kingdom Come? In whatever form people pray it in whatever language, what are you expecting? First and foremost it is a conviction, it's faith. We're calling for God's kingdom to be among us, but it's also hopefulness that it doesn't matter what we do, we're placing these calls, these petitions, these prayers before You but at the end of the day because of our absolute trust in You, Thy Kingdom Come as You see. And so I think just those few words bring together the whole concept of faith, of hope, of understanding, of trust and they allow us, as Your Grace rightly says, to be able to pray together universally And while lots people go on about how much there is between us and about the differences and the conflicts, yet there is so much we have in common. And in particular the Lord's Prayer, our creed, elements of our faith that we're not ever going to conflict over, but they bring us together on a daily basis. For a Coptic Christian to speak about trust, many people outside the life of the church would say yes but you're the people whose members were lined up on that beach in Libya. Where was God's kingdom then? Interesting, I was in Washington just after that and I'd done an incredible array of interviews, probably about 30 in two days, because this one particular incident had caught the world's attention in no other way I think and it changed the world. One of the last interviews that I did – and I was reluctant to do it and was about to say no – it was a CNN interviewer, a secular interviewer who said: “So, Did that make you lose your faith?" "Because surely you wanted them to be OK?" And it really made me realise – I said "actually no." In actual fact, I've been reading long enough and learning long enough and praying long enough to know that when I pray, of course I prayed that they'd be well, but I also prayed that if they weren't that they'd be strong and reassured and confident, and that's exactly what we saw in the video. So it is, "Lord, this is what we want, and this is my scenario, this is what I think is best, but at the end of the day You are the Divine Lord, You are sovereign, let Thy Kingdom Come however You desire." And when it came that they had to lose their lives, they presented themselves in such a Christlike way that they impacted the world more than they ever would have had they been set free. That stirs one's heart. I mean that is an extraordinarily powerful thing So when we pray Thy Kingdom Come, one of the things we're saying is both for us and in our world, "And I am willing to suffer if that is what the kingdom means at this time, in my place and in my world." We're sort of opening ourselves to suffering, to being part of the suffering of the body of Christ, of Christ himself, in a way, by praying that prayer. Absolutely. I think the whole Christian message and life is one of hope and joy, but also one we're told by our Lord himself is going to entail suffering. And so yes, we are going to suffer at times purely because we are his disciples and purely because we are following in his footsteps. And that is – while it is empowering, while it is liberating, it is completely unacceptable to some. Yet if we continue in those footsteps, while we will suffer, we will also have the great joy in the resurrection that comes after. And that is such a revolutionary message. I listen to your words, Your Grace, and I feel different emotions. There is that sense of grief that the people who died, and I feel different emotions. There is that sense of grief that the people who died, that is a line of the pray you prayer that, perhaps you draw in a breath before praying – you know we patter through the Lord's Prayer so easily because we know it by heart, so many people know it by heart in their own language they just it - just trots off the tongue. But actually that line it – perhaps there's an element of [indrawn breath] before we pray. I agree, because God's Kingdom is different from the kingdom of this world So it's not always going to be exactly what we're asking for, because sometimes we'll say, 'Yes we want this, but Thy Kingdom Come. And it takes its own shape and its own form and we've got to be ready to bear that. But it's still good. It's good and it comes with a lot of grace. So I don't think God will ever place us in a position of trouble without giving us sufficient [grace] because that would be very unfair and God's not unfair. Thank you, Your Grace, that's absolutely wonderful.

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Interview Archbishop Edit_2

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