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My drunk kitchen 1

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Well, Hello Welcome to My Drunk Kitchen! Why is it foamy? Shit is getting real over here! and that's beautiful. This is a wine that I found in my sister's kitchen. Which... free. Let's talk about the importance of cooking. When you're drunk. It's important to remember that, if you've been drinking, you should be also... dancing. You should also be drinking a lot of water. Because alcohol... ...or... Run. Sprint. I like to sprint. This is a show that's about making sure you don't puke your guts out. This is a show that's about...friendship. This is a show about... Hello! So, let's talk about...grilled cheese sandwiches. Do them. Yeah...all the time. First thing you gotta do... Is... not... drunk when you're cooking. Safety Advisory. Just saying. Maybe you should've uhhhh... gotten a burrito. So, anyway, let's get started. This... is your cooking pan. No. Let's get rid of the hat. Make If it's easy to record things when drunk... It's easy to edit them... I wonder. Hi! If you're watching this, you are in front of a computer. Wink! First things first. You...have to...collect your ingredients. You have bread, you have butter. You might be thinking right now, why don't I just make some toast? Fuck, that's so much easier than making grilled cheese sandwich. Okay, so. You got... Sooooooooo...okay. Then you This is not it. Woah! Not so good. Here's a fun note about hygiene. Did that toilet seater have a lid? Wash fucking hands. Now that we've got it all figured out. It's important for you to remember when cooking to Always use a butterknife for everything! Don't ... fuckin'...hurt yourself. Let's talk about the benefits of grilled cheese. Ummmm...One. Delicious. Number 2. Okay number two, easy to make. Butter your shit. This is just, like, truth. Step two, Clean while you go. I'm already back. Done. Step Three. Pick your shit up that you dropped earlier when making a video. Step Five. Check on your shit. Step Five...Don't forget that you're cooking. So in this little cooking adventure, I don't actually have any cheese. Sooooo... Don't do that. Make sure you have grilled, make sure you have cheese in your house. Beautiful! I wish you could be eating this. Nom. WOOOW. I'm in ecstasy. This is an art form. Really wish I had some cheese. Kind of just tastes like... sourdough - which is good! but ultimately disappointing. Well, that sums up this week's episode of drunk cooking. Not to imply that there will be a next week's episode of drunk cooking. Put shit away while you go! The bread was...right there. Now it's gone. Next week, we're gonna make aaaaa mac and cheese. Although maybe that time I should probably make sure we have cheese beforehand. I don't know. This is...these are things you think of. Revelations! And on a serious note. Don't beat your kids.

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Posted by: adacole on Dec 28, 2011

drunk cooking.

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