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The Hidden Story Of Jesus part 5/7

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Five thousand feet up in the four hills of the Himalayas in the hotly disputed territory of Kashmir, lies the ancient city of Srinagar. Srinagar is a predominaly muslin city. The Bible is not the only holy book with the story of Jesus, The Koran mentions him too. 36 times, and gives him many special titles. including messiah. but in Islam, Jesus is regarded as one of the God's prophets! a precursor to Mohamed! The Koran also describes his miraculous birth. how he performed many miracles. And that he was sent to guide the Children of Israel. All familiar stuff for Christians, but where it diverges completely from the traditional biblical narrative is its understanding of what happened to Jesus at the end of his life. Srinagar is the starting point for the next part of my investigation to understand who muslins believe the real Jesus was. It is also the setting for one of the most extraordinary stories concerning Jesus I have ever come across. All Christians like me, are told from the very early age the Jesus spent his entire life in the middle east and there he was crucified and died in Jerusalen. But here in Kashmir, there's a totally different story, one that claims that Jesus did not die on the cross but escaped to India Where he continued his teaching, got married, had a son And lived to a ripe old age, and even that he was buried here. I have come to meet a man who spent the last 40 years investiganting this ancient tradition. When you study the gospels and you come to the information where it is said that Jesus was lost to his parents at the age of 12 and he came back at the age of 28 of 30 to Jerusalen and then his ministry was for 2 years and after that there was crucifiction. So the first thing is that there is a gap of so many years in the life of Jesus. The second was this, that when he was crucified he's left so at large(?) and he was brought down from the cross, and put in a specially made sarcophagus. and the next day they see, he's no more there. He was lost to them. So there are two instants, he's lost as a young man, and he's lost to the people after crucifiction. So I began thinking on it, that he is lost twice and we have to find him. Professor Fida Hussnain is a sufi, part of a mystic tradition within the Islam that has a particular reference for Jesus. Over the last 40 years he's collected copies of many ancient indian and tibetan documents That he claims, prove Jesus came to India. This is a tibetan document which is translated from the chinese It tells about Jesus spreading his message among the last sheep. his name is the grass (?), he says, (?) the teacher and founder of the religion who was born miraculosly proclaimed himself as the savior of the word Now here is a document (?) it's the most important document It says that Jesus comes to Kashmir he meets the King Shalivahana about 78 AD and he tells him that his name is (Ishuruputra ?) Born of a Virgin and son of God. And when was this document discovered? It's an ancient manuscript, and it's date is 117 117, so this is literaly a second century document which says that Jesus was in Kashmir that's very early! This is early, he meets the king of Kashmir, this is the most important document Can you tell me what Jesus did when he was here? What happened? You see, the first information is that you get, that he meets the king And he explains to him how he fled from the land of militias and how he suffered there, and how he came to this place and he stays here. When he stays here, Here partial sources, there are souces saying That here he changed his name from Jesus to Isu. In Kashmir he altered his name, Isu. And he continued until his death, and he was buried here. Did he get married when he was here, did he have children? what did he get? Yes, yes. You see according to two sources which I got that Isu married Marjan And he had a child named Ely-Kim. So when Christians, I as Christian have been taught to believe that Jesus is crucified, he dies on the cross and then he's ressurected. so what would you say to Christians who say this is the tradition of Jesus? You see, I tell them that Paul being a roman he invented some dogma, and people, the roman emperors they propagate that dogma, and their dogma influenced Europe, and they think their dogma is correct. One of Professor Hassnain's documents even claims that Jesus is bured in Kashmir So tell me about this one. He tells about the story of prophets and saints. It says that one hebrew prophet is buried there. and he was a prince who came to Kashmir thousands of years back And he was so pious and he became a prophet. Now there is the Decree of this shrine, what we have shrine here. the chief of Justice of Kashmir, he gives a Decree he says that this is a Shrine called Yuz Asaph (?) of the Islam. So this suggests that the tomb is the tomb of Jesus, it's where Jesus is buried! Yes, this legal document says, he is the Prophet, Yuz Asaph is his name. According to Professor Hussnain, Jesus is actually buried in a small shrine in the center of Srinagar. It is located in a very religious sensitive part of the city. Professor Hussnain is no longer able to visit the tomb because his beliefs about Jesus contradict mainstream islamic teaching. And he's recieved several death threats. Could you tell me who it is, who's buried here because I've told that's maybe Jesus. This is one of the many muslins prophets, but Jesus is not buried here. Cause it's written in our holy book, the muslim Koran, that Jesus has been taken up to heaven, to Allah. so those people who say that's Jesus are giving incorrect information. by saying that he's here! No muslim in the entire world would say that Jesus is buried here. Many western scholars also dispute Professors Hussnain's claim that this is the tomb of Jesus, and in particular, the dating of his documents. Why was it, do you thing, that Jesus came here to Kashmir, Why Kashmir? My point is, the general impression in the west is that Jesus belongs to the west. They think he was a westerner, maybe white man. but the fact is that Jesus belongs to the east. he was not born in the west, he was born in the east. He belongs to us. We have information about him in persian, in urdu, in Kashmere, in chinese, in sanscrit, in arabic language, in tibetan also, in many languages. We have lot of information about him in our books or manuscripts or something. So naturally we have to say Jesus in the east. Here in Kashmir we have uncovered an incredible story about the life Jesus One that not only fills in the missing years but also roots him not just in the middle east, but also here in India. It's a story which at first glance sounds unbelievable: Jesus in Kashmir? But it's told in so much detail, and it has so many documents to support it some going back to the second century they can't be dismissed out of hand. But above all it tells us something that we in western Christianity often forget: That the real Jesus is a man of the east, and that he belongs as much to asia as he does to Europe. Professors Hussnain views about Jesus dying and been buried in Kashmir contradic mainstream islamic thought. So I wanted to find out what the Koran says about Jesus' death. The egyptian Capital Cairo is home to the world's oldest islamic theological university Al-Azhar. It's Rector is Dr. Ahmad El-Tayyib In the Christian Bible, the new testament, We're told that Jesus was crucified died, and then was ressurected from the dead. What does the Koran tells us happened to Jesus at the end of his life? We believe according to the Koran that Jesus was not crucified rather that another man was made to look like him. God made a man ressemble him So that the Jews thought it was Jesus. And he was crucified in Jesus' place. Jesus was raised by God to heaven at that time, he was not crucified. But someone who looked like him was crucified.

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Aired: December 25, 2007 on Channel 4 Duration: 1:40:53 Info: Theologian Dr Robert Beckford investigates amazing parallels to the Christ story in other faiths, some of them predating Christianity by thousands of years. The Hindu god, Krishna, was conceived by a virgin and his birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds. Buddha was also the result of a miraculous birth and visited by wise men bearing gifts. Beckford attempts to unravel the mystery of why there are so many versions of the Christ story across the world and asks which is the real one.

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