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Bolt (2008)

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[phone rings] Hello? (voice on phone) Penny - I don't have much time. Daddy? I don't understand. It's ok Penny. You have Bolt. I've altered him - he can protect you now. Bolt - speak. [Bolt barks] Get that dog! [clank] Nice move! [short scream] You'll never see Penny again! Ha ha ha! And - cut. (narr) He's the star of the biggest show in Hollywood. (Bolt) She's still in danger! (narr) The only problem is... Hold on Penny! (narr)...he thinks it's all real. (producer) Don't let him out - he's never been off the set before! I'm coming Penny! (tv) Production of the hit television show "Bolt" shut down today when it's star dog went missing. Ooof! Ow! You look familiar. What? Yea, he's real good with the faces and such. I gotta remember. It's gonna kill me. Hold, I don't know. I, I thought I knew. I need someone close to the green-eyed man. The cat. Wow, that's a good knot. Where you in the navy? I'll release you , cat. When we find Penny. Oww! Will you slow down? You're scraping the fur off my... [clang] He must be so scared. Bolt's not scared of anything. You're Bolt! The superdog! Where's Penny? She was kidnapped by the green-eyed man. But I've captured this cat. [scream] You're crazy man! She's taking me to Penny. I can be a valuable addition to your team. The road will be rough! I have a ball. Easy won't be part of the equation. >>Promise? Danger at every turn. I eat danger for breakfast! Are you hungry? [neck cracks] Starving! [train horn in tunnel] How do you say "no way am I doing this thing" in crazy. Let it begin! (narr) One unlikely team... (Mittens) Look, genius. You're not a superdog. [solid clank, groan] (narr) on a mission to get back home... He could be anywhere by now. This is awesome! Ha ha ha ha! (narr) The comedy event of the holiday season... Bolt! Bolt! (narr) about to be unleashed. (dog to self) Superbark, superbark (woof, woof) I need a fast set of wheels. [cute sinister laugh] I'll get my ball. Let it begin! [Captions by]

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