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15_Robert's Paper Marbling Tutorial 101

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Today we're going to be tackling a simplified version of a craft, that is literally hundreds of years old. But thanks to some modern materials it couldn't be easier. We are going to be doing paper marbling. And if you like the look of today's project, I want to invite you to subscribe to my own channel for more great DIY's by following the link in the video description below. Long before paper marbling was practiced in the western world Japanese masters were perfecting their own version called "Suminagashi". And there are suminagashi inks that are now available, made by modern manufacturers and they flow directly on the surface of the water allowing you to lay down a piece of paper and capture whatever beautiful swirling designs you have created. The inks are relatively inexpensive and I have included sources in links in video description below. The first thing you need to start is a shallow tray I am using what's called a butcher's tray from the craft store, although you can just as easily substitute a dish pan or even a 9 by 13 baking dish. And then you want to fill it half way to two - thirds full of water. Next, we'll select two of our ink colours and place 5 drops of each into 2 separate compartments of a paint palette. Take 2 brushes, place them into the ink allowing it to soak up into the bristles. Next, take one of your brushes and just lightly touch the surface of the water. Immediately, you see the ink spread all over the surface. Then take your other brush and touch that in the center, you'll see that colour spread out as well. Alternate back and forth between the 2 brushes and you began to see a pattern of concentric rings build up. Do this until you feel that the ink is about to run out and then we'll go back to the paint palette and reload the brushes. You can make the pattern as large as you'd like and then one way to manipulate the ink on the surface of the water, is to take 1 paint brush and drag it through the surface. I'm gonna do this dragging up from an outer ring towards the center at regular intervals around the circle until I create a pattern that I like. Now, we wanna capture this on paper. There are several great types of paper that you can use for this project but when you're first starting out I found that white construction paper works beautifully. Take a single sheet, slide it up over the edge of the tray and gently lay it on the surface of the water. Immediately you will see the patterns soak up into the paper let it set for 3 - 5 seconds, lift it up, allow some of that excess water to drip off, and then place it down on paper towels. Block the surface dry.

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15_Robert's Paper Marbling Tutorial 101

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