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small lesson 5

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Hi everybody HI 大家好 Carrying on from the happiness series 继续快乐系列的话题 I want to ask you one more question 我想再问你一个问题 Why are we studying so hard? 为什么我们这么努力地学习 Why are we working so hard? 为什么我们这么努力地工作 Because we want to be successful 因为我们想成功 We want to be happy 我们想快乐 We all want to be successful and the best 我们都想成功,做最好的那一位 And everyone wants to be the best in their particular field 每一个人都想成为他们专属领域里最好的 In their particular area 在他们的专属领域 Some of us want to be super rich 有些人想成为超级富豪 Some of us want to be super beautiful 有些人想超级漂亮 Some of us want to be the coolest 有些人想做最酷的 Some of us want to be the best athlete 有些人想做最好的运动员 You know the strongest guy 最强壮的人 And some of us want to be the most intelligent person in the world 有些人想做世界上最聪明的人 We all have our different areas that we want to be the best at 我们都有想要做到最好的领域 And we think if we’re the best at that particular thing 我们认为如果我们是那个领域里最好的 Then WOW! We’ll be happy 哇 !那我们将会很快乐 Now I want you to think about something interesting 现在我想请你思考一件有趣的事 Once you succeed 一旦你成功了 Once you have everything you want 一旦你有了你想要的所有东西 Do you think that you’ll be happy? 你认为你会快乐吗 Okay think about that question until the next class 好,在下一节课之前你都可以思考这个问题 I’ll see you next time 我们下节课见 Have a good week 祝你一周过得愉快

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small lesson 5

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