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Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi addressing to a huge gathering in Lahore 4 of 7

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For whom Sakhi Sultan Bahu said “O Bahoo seeing the master is equivalent to millions and billions of Hajj” And for such Perfect Mentors there is a Hadith of Hazrat Abu Zar Ghafari [RA] “In the Day of Judgment they’ll also be shining People will inquire each other that which one is this prophet? A voice will come “not prophet he was a saint” They’ll recognize. One will say oh God I made him perform ablution --- Allah will pardon him The other will say I made him get meal --- Allah will pardon him The third will say that I made him wear clothes --- Allah will pardon him also And some people say we were belong to Him. Then God will say go with him, where ever he goes” Now what is this Bait (Oath of allegiance)? Bait (Oath of allegiance) is only from saint/wali. Now, it is tradition in our times. People use to bait (take Oath of allegiance) for material world Sakhi Sultan Bahu says: “if someone takes bait for world or someone make disciple for same purpose, both are forbidden (Haraam)” Bait is only for Allah and from the saint of God (wali Allah) It’s a tradition here that if someone’s grandfather was a saint his offspring is not a saint, that tradition is continued yet Centuries have passed, that tradition is being continued Those people, who are being Bait (taking Oath of allegiance) are also empty and those who are doing Bait, are also empty. Both are empty! Only Saints/Wali is eligible to Biat from. If he is not a saint and still asking people to Bait from him! How this process got spoiled? Those Ghaddi Nasheen & Sajjada Nasheen started making people Bait from them he didn’t know about the reality nor does the man know who is being Bait Then our scholars saw that these Ghaddi nasheens are empty from inside They even don’t have knowledge, if they can make people Bait from them, then why can’t we? We do have knowledge also. Then they (Scholars) started making people Bait from them Then our Muftis saw that these scholars are our student If they can make people Bait from them, then why can’t we? They started making people Bait from them Then those who use to write Taweez they saw that people are getting benevolence (faiz) through us If these people can make people Bait from them, then why can’t we? Then they also started making people Bait from them. This way the whole process is been ruined There are 99 names of Allah everyone knows. Among them 98 are attributes (Sifaati) and one is Personal name (Zaati). All 124, 000 prophets possessing ‘Attributed’ names collectively were not able to approach the status of one having Ism-e-Zaat (Personal name Allah). If this Personal name was given, it was given only to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. And due to bounty of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], this was given to this Ummah. All the rest of the Prophets used to chant only attributed names (of Allah). Prophet Moses [AS] chanted Ya’ Rehman (O’ Compassionate) Prophet Jesus [AS] Ya’ Qudoos (O’ Pure), Prophet Solomon [AS] Ya’Wahhab (O’ Giver) Prophet David [AS] Ya’ Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love) And the remaining prophets kept on reciting the Kalima (the Moto) of (Mursal) Messenger of their time. One day, Prophet Moses [AS] said, "Allah! Let me have a vision of you". He [Moses] was replied, "You can't bear it". Moses asked “Would there be anyone who can bear it”. Answer came, “Only my Beloved and His (Ummah) followers”. Prophet Moses [AS] came in Jalal (tempestuous) “I'm a prophet and not even equal to the Ummah (followers). Let me have a vision of You. It will be seen”. Allah revealed His vision and Prophet Moses [AS] went into unconsciousness. Now what is the reason that Prophet Moses went into unconscious on Mount Sinai in this world and Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is went in Front and smiled? The body of Prophet Moses [AS] had the Light of attributed Name 'Ya'Rehman'. He [Moses] couldn't bear the Personage (Zaat). The Noble Body of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] contained the Light of Personal name. The Noble Personage smiled before The Personage (zaat) and through Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] this Ummah received that Personal name and then it got Superiority (Fazilat). Those Prophets used to tantalize for His vision and these Friends of Allah (Wali) say that they use to have vision (Deedar). Now, some people say that this vision (Deedar) would have been happening in dream. It happens in dream. Those who have the vision through Latifa Anna (Spiritual entity Anna) they really see in dreams. There are some such saints to whom Allah bestows Jussa Tufaq-e-elahi, they have the vision in the state of Maraqba (Vigilance) and Kashaf (in a state of inner vision). And there are some such saints to whom Allah bestows with spiritual entity ‘Tifl-e-Noori’ they have the vision in consciousness. They have the vision in consciousness. Sakhi Sultan Bahu says that he is among such people. He says that “whenever we wish, we can see Allah”. He says that “when we speak, the creation thinks that “he is going to talk with us”. The angels say that “he is going to talk with us” and Allah says “he is going to talk to Me”. One day Prophet Jesus couldn't help speak that “‘O' Allah I have great passion to see you” Allah said, "Had not you seen the state of Moses [AS]". He [Jesus] had seen His [Moses] state --- so got anxious and asked. “Then, how to have your vision”? Allah replied, "You'll have to become the Follower of my Beloved Prophet [PBUH]". Now, Mahdi (AS) will come. Jesus [AS] will take oath of allegiance from Him. Then He [AS] will get the Noor/Light of the Personal name; and then, He [Jesus] will have the vision of Allah. The thing for which the prophets of Bani Israel were longing for, you have got that thing, from which you are scared of. Now... there are so many religions! Do you know, what is the religion of Allah? No one knows isn’t it; He is with which religion? There is some different religion in The Old Testament (Jewish Holy Scripture). The followers of Psalms of David (Zabur) have another religion. The followers of the Bible practice another religion and the religion of Quran is something different. What is His (Allah) Own religion? This is the only point. Isn't it? This is the only point. The king Akbar had heard this from some book that the religion of God (din-e-elahi) would come. He couldn't understand the religion of God. He made 'That' the Akbri religion. Now, what is the religion of Allah? Every religion accepts the religion of God. May they be Muslim May they be infidel, May they be alive May they be deceased, the religion of Allah is Ishq (passionate love). The religion of Allah is Ishq (passionate love) and if anyone once enters in His religion; then (does not matter) even if he is either an infidel too, then Allama Iqbal says "If there is Ishq (Passionate love), then the infidelity is also Islam" Now, how that Ishq (passionate Love) comes? People say that until one does not have Love, Ishq (passionate love) the faith is not perfect. They give prescription of medicine... But do not give medicine! Now how that Ishq (passionate Love) comes? When Allah-Allah begins in heart all the time; the heart beats start calling Allah-Allah. 'Whatever' thing when once makes its way in the heart, love for that will happen. When Allah entered in the heart, then Allah is being loved. Love is not done, it happens itself. Those who utter that “we are in love” they are deceitful. The love is not related with the tongue; instead love is linked with the heart. When Love of Allah springs up in someone’s heart then Allah doesn't take anybody's obligation. Spend one rupee for Him and He returns ten. Do one noble act, and He gives the reward of ten virtues. Make a little love; and He does ten times in return and to whom Allah loves, He [Allah] sees (that person) one day. He doesn't take bird's eye view rather 'Sees' with greatest affection and the day when Allah sees him with affection, then love goes away and is replaced by Ishq (Passionate love). Then I'm yours and you are mine. Now, how this Allah-Allah comes within?

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Posted by: theallfaith on Feb 1, 2010 His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering a lecture to a huge gathering in Lahore (Mochi Gate).

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