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Rav Berg Zohar Pinchas 1987 edited 2017

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I would like to read a particular portion of parashat Pinchas which in essence could almost summarize for us what Shabat is all about. And in addition, reading of the Zohar will raise all of our levels of consciousness. So the same thing that is being discussed this evening will be understood on a higher level of consciousness. This is the power of the Zohar. Page 216 in the old edition or of the Sulam edition, page 22. I will read as follow: And those who have no idea concerning what the whole Torah is all about TTTTTTTTT they say: {...Hebrew...} Those who have no idea of what this Torah is all about will always claim that children, longevity, providing of bread, providing of sustenance will not depend, in their opinion, on the Zehut of the individual but this is completely dependent upon Mazal. Meaning it is completely out of our jurisdiction It completely depends on your birthday. It completely depends on the position of planets, position of signs of the Zodiac. There are those who maintain that. And continues the Zohar: But, however, we see {...Hebrew...} Abraham, who was, I consider probably the first known astrologer, who incidentally is considered to be the author of the Sefer Yetzirah, Book of Formation. {...Hebrew...} That he saw in his Mazal, in his chart {...Hebrew...} He saw that would be no son. And he took him out sign. Remove himself, leave behind the maps, the influences of the cosmos because you have revealed the stars on a chart, the signs of the Zodiac, and the planets, and you have seen well, you've done your homework and you are saying that from a cosmic point of view you shall have no children. Raise yourself above the stars. And He told him ... And He said: "Look to the heavens and count the stars so shall be your children." As this idea has to be delved into more deeply and to be explained {...Hebrew...} meaning from a metaphysical point of view. {...Hebrew...} Every creature that means of all the four kingdoms wether was the human, the animal, vegetables and inanimate kingdom before revelation of Mont Sinai to the Jews everything dependent completely and solely upon Mazal upon the signs of the Zodiac and the planets. That means to have children, how much money one will earn, how long the individual will live. At one time dependent completely on the cosmos. But once there was revelation on Mont Sinai At that point, with the revelation of the Torah at Mont Sinai from a potential point of view, everyone was taken out from being subject to the rules and manipulations of the cosmos. Everyone. And this is what we have learned from Avraham. That we will no longer be subject to these influences of the cosmos. Now what it had to do with revelation? He would become the manipulator of planets and signs of the Zodiac rather than the signs of the Zodiac were to be manipulators of mankind and over everything that existed. Those people who cannot achieve that level of consciousness by which they can now become the rulers of their own destiny rather than be ruled and have fate and be destined by the signs of the cosmos. This individual who could not interpret, who could not deal with the Torah on that level of consciousness he will always be subject to what has been pre-ordenaded. So from this emerges the idea that there is free will and there is pre-ordained fate and destiny. Both can be possible. And what does it depend upon? Where you will be, where you place yourself. The revelation at Mont Sinai what channels which we can now raise ourselves above the influences. And if we do not know how to raise ourselves above the influences of the Then we shall be subjected in every respect, our total life will be a pre-ordained cassette.

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