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Introducing the Microsoft Power BI visuals gallery

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Over the last few weeks and months, the Power BI team have been hard at work creating a framework that allows you to develop custom visuals that you can then use in your Power BI reports. We're also shaping this visuals gallery as a set of examples of the sort of thing that you can create. Most of these were driven by the Power BI community, though they were the results of third party people going and creating these, but also the results of our Power BI visualizations contest. We tried to encourage people to go and try out and building, using this frame with a whole range of different visualizations that express data in really interesting ways. Actually, the one that won was this synoptic panel by the guys out at Sequel BI. This allows you to mark out areas of an image and combine those to use your data. You can see the range of visuals that we've got here. In fact, we've got over 20 at launch, and we'll be adding to these all the time. We've got things like bullet charts, these packed circles, and even more ones like network diagrams. And using these charts and these visuals is really, really simple. All I need to do is choose the one that I'm interested in. I'm going to use this hexagonal skeptoplot. When I click on it, I see some information about how to use it, or I can just download that visual. There's a license agreement to agree to, and you'll see at the bottom, I've just downloaded this scatter hex pin. pbi vis file. That's actually the thing that describes this visual we can then use in our reports. So to use it in Power BI, I'm just going to swap over to the Power BI desktop here. To import that visual into my report here, I come to my visualizations gallery and click this little dot, dot, dot button. I get the warning just to say that I'm importing third party code, and now I just need to go and browse to the file that I just downloaded. So here it is, open, and I get a message saying it's imported. So I can start using this visual just like any other visual in Power BI. It appears here in my visualizations gallery. When I click on that, I get a little watermark that allows me to start adding some fields to this. So let's go and find our sales amount, and we'll add a margin as well, and let's break that down by the email addresses of the different sales people in our organization. So you can see we've got this hexagonal scatter plot where the color saturation is kind of showing the density of plots in a particular area, and I'm just using this visual as if it was anything else in the Power BI desktop. I'll give you an example of some of the other charts that are available on this page in this report. We have things like these radar plots and bullet charts, and this is that synoptic panel again that was from the visual contest. I can use this just like any other visual. So my line chart here that I've got, if I want to convert that into one of the other visualizations, maybe I want to use the calendar plot that we have. I just hit the icon to convert it, and now I've got this visualization showing the distribution of sales over time. Because it's part of the Power BI framework, all of the other interactions that I can do to these charts still work. So if I want to focus on just a particular gender in this case, I'll just click on males, and I'll just see the sales for our male customers. And you see all of the other visuals update with calendar updates, synoptic panel updates, and so do these bullet charts and the radar chart. This is just because that framework helps bring these new visuals into part of the Power BI family. And it's not just here in the desktop. I can publish this up to the Power BI service as well. Just save my file, and it gets sent up to the Power BI service. When I open it here, I'll be taken to exactly the same report in my browser, you'll see I've got exactly the same visualization, just turn on the custom ones, and because it's here, just a report in the service, I can start sharing it, adding it to dashboards, doing whatever I want to with these visualizations. Really, really simple. You've seen how the visualization gallery allows you to browse through all of the visuals that are available, download those as files, use them in your Power BI desktop reports, and then publish it back to the service to share with other people.

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Learn about Microsoft Power BI's community site ( that allows creators to upload new Power BI visuals and users to browse, select and download those visuals to be used with Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service.

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