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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 17:00:00 - 17:29:59

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I don't think this is the right place You can't park here. Where can I park? Where? This is for shuttle buses. Oh, for shuttle buses? Go a bit more forward? What, where can I park? 5 o'clock, do it exactly one hour later. Hello, yeah, I've just arrived here. —It's 142,500 Won. —130,000 Won? —142,500 Won. —It's 100,000 Won for the meal. —Just a second. Bus for the Samseong station! Bus for the Samseong station! Yeah, give it to me. —How much is it? —142,500 Won, all the receipts are in the bags. —The service, yeah, I gave you the receipts for the service separately. It's 142,500 Won, so the change is 7,500 Won. Here is 7000 and 500 Won Yes, and the receipts are in the receipts bag and the receipts for Paris Baguette is in the Paris Baguette bag. —Our service costs 15,000 Won. —Oh, 15,000 Won, I see. —Are we all set? —Yes. —Thank you very much. —Thanks. Yeah, yeah Well, you didn't use the navigation, did you? You didn't use the navigation? Well, if you're using it, why do you stay behind? I want you to be ahead of me. Yes Oh, is it? I thought you didn't know the way to get here. All right, then I will speed up in the straight lane. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's done, and something else. Really? Why we don't have anything, why? He's here. But we move separately. That's right. He is in the car. Yeah, see you inside. Office. —Where's Whimoon high school? —Excuse me? —Whimoon high school. —Whimoon high school? —Where is Whimoon high school intersection? —This is Whimoon highschool intersection. —This is. —Are you looking for the wedding hall? —Right there. —Ah, there it is. Hello. I'm just going to give up those orders. —Now, I'm going straight to Yeoksam elementary school intersection. I'm going to turn right at Yeoksam elementary school intersection to get to the office. No, I didn't get anything. There's no order. For now, those orders, I think I should give them up. For the nighttime, we can do that mostly. If I care about them now, it's too - Yeah, that's right, for now I'm just going to give them up. Yeah Sure. Well you know, I'm good at everything. Yeah Ah. That store is here, too. Yeah, I confirmed the order. Where are you? Where is KFC? Not the KFC at the Yeoksam-dong. That's the destination. What's the rear side? GS? Opposite to GS? Yeah, I'm going there. Yeah, yeah, I'm going there. Not gonna make it.

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: Sam Queen & Rachel Gist
Director: Sam Queen
Views: 84
Posted by: globallives on Mar 10, 2014

Seunghwan delivers beer and sandwiches to a client outside of a wedding hall. He then weaves through traffic to a Kentucky Fried Chicken, where he picks up food and goes to next location.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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