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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~17:28:58 - 17:48:50

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Hot, hot. Thank you, Thank you. ♫Chu chu chu chu chuuu. Do you need a drink? It's OK, I have one. (TV) Brought to you by our sponsors. I'm all itchy! But the weather was nice, wasn't it. Yeah, but it was so fine it was almost annoying.... and because we didn't go as far as the boundary. The boundary, the boundary. ― After we went to Ito Yokado... ― Sorry? Ito - Yo - Kado. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, so, just after lunch we went to the boundary, then after that we headed straight back. and made a polo shirt. ― Oh, together? ― Yes. That's nice. It was awesome. Um, like... Because everyone is no good at making things... when I was working on the shirt everyone was like 'Wow'. Yeah. They were like, "Look at that!". But... Really? (TV) A Korean woman working at the commitee part time... estimated at 1, 000,000 yen... ...because you're not in touch with... Yes Unbelievable. Why did I get stung like this all of a sudden? Maybe it was perspiration... You might be right. Terumi, have you been well behaved? You were sleeping? How elegant! We took a nap together. ― Very graceful. Were you sleeping, Terumi? Is that right? Good for you. Ah, I'm exhausted. About what time...? ― Mmm? I want to head out in the next 30 minutes. Hang on, shouldn't you take a rest? Shall I do my homework? homework? homework. ― Homework? ― School work, um.... You have a test tomorrow, don't you. Yes. I have a test as well... I have 2 tests tomorrow. Really? Will you be alright? Tomorrow I have a test and a report to do. But I haven't finished it yet. Yikes! ― Where are you going to do it? ― Maybe on the train? ― You can do it on a train? ― Ha Ha Ha! What should I do? Yes, it's English translation. I see, so you have to do it by yourself... Yeah, that's right. As long as I have a dictionary, a pen. and some paper I should be OK. Hmm, it's not as if it's impossible or anything. (TV) Today 22 Elementary School students took part... They were encouraged to think about various ways of writing to better express themselves... Although the students struggled with their first challenge... ...they worked quietly and intently on the activity. Hey, this kid is saying you should definitely be wearing clothes that show off your shoulders in the Summer. Good grief. Oh yeah, I only ate one and a half of my Onigiri. My belly was full. There are snacks here. ― Sorry? No, that's OK, I'm going to have an Onigiri. ― If I don't want to eat it, it will just be a waste. ― What? Phew. Oh, look, it's Terumi! Ah, phew. Sorry to change the subject but, Look at the thank you present I got for today's work. This is really kind. It's really kind. Wow, there is a real smell of ... OK, Pencil case. Come on, Come on. AH! Ha Ha Ha! It has got all spilled inside my bag. It all over the place. No, it's not that. The sweet bean jelly has somehow spilled everywhere. Ah, it's cold! ― There's probably some in your bag too? ― I can't believe it. I was told to please take some home with me. And I thought it would be OK. But now there's jelly everywhere! Why? ― It's all inside the bag, isn't it. ― Yeah. Hey, hey, hey, hey. ♫A-cha-cha-cha-cha. OK, this is rubbish. No, it's fine. Yes. I should throw away this lid too. Gurubi did it! It's OK. What about paper bags? Ow! Is it OK to put them in with the other rubbish? Do you mind if I throw this away? ― You can throw it all away. ― Sorry?― No, that's OK. Ouch! Aaah, it hurts. My phone! Busy, busy, busy. (TV) Here is Kojima San to tell us about the Summer weather. The chance of a heatwave this Summer has gone down. The reason for this is located far from Japan... Sorry, what do you mean? "while you still have it?" This should be OK. No, it's alright, I only used it for today so it doesn't matter if I don't have a bag. But why don't you put it away for next time? ― No, honestly, It's fine. I'll just put it in my bag so I don't need it. (TV) It seems that there will be changeable weather next year. So now we ... It will continue to stay cloudy. Ugh, it's heavy! This will do. I can always go and buy another. (Phone ringing) Perubi! I'm pooped. Hmm, where is it? This area suits perfectly. (TV) This has been brought to you by our sponsors. What time (...)? - What? What time are you meeting? Oh, actually I'm thinking of 7pm. Sorry? (...) What are you eating? My lunch. Do you want something cold? ― I'm OK. Not really. Ryo? Yes, already. You're ready? ― Where were you bitten? ― Here... ― Oh, that's terrible! ― and, here and here. They are quite small though, aren't they. I've being bitten to pieces. Oh, hey, I got a message from a stranger saying they have changed their mail address. ― Really, who...? ― It's probably one of the boy scouts. ― I see. ― I've seen this name before but I've never met him. (Half-eaten) ♫La la la la, La la la la! Until what time? If they are there the whole time they must be pretty lonely. No, because they said it was OK to use. ― Even now...? ― Yes. ♫It's Chibi Mariko-chan! ♫Pappa para pa. Ah, I see. ♫ (TV) Come and Join in everybody! ― I've already used it all up. ― What? ― It's used up. ― I don't believe it. ― I was sending.... ― that's OK. ♫ Never forget Edison was important! ♫ You need that kind of common sense (Tatta Tara Leela) ♫Peehiara peehiara pappa para pa! ♫Peehiara peehiara pappa para pa! I'm going to eat some. ♫Show your belly button! No, I don't need it, it's OK. ♫Peehiara peehiara pappa para pa! ♫Peehiara peehiara pappa para pa! Dancing ponpokorin! That's right, the Brass Band brought them today. Yeah, really. Not quite. I thought about using this for a pattern. and said "Use a scissors"... but they said it was too hard to cut. But because, a Junior looked kind of bored. She was told to "Change this and put in a bigger part" and draw a picture. ― But she is a mother so she should understand? ― Ah, I see. Really? Well, everyone knows. Like, when they were asked if they knew what to bring everyone said they understood. They were told "Once you go home please ask your mothers to help you prepare". Yes. ― So the stranger... ― Yes. It shouldn't be a problem. ...half finished. Ow! Yes, and today, we didn't know if Kana-chan was going to come, do you remember Kana-chan? Half of her body, um... She has problems down her left or her right side... but it was said it would be OK for her to join in. It's been a really long time but she came. Oh, really. She has got much better at speaking. Up until the last time she came she didn't really say "Hello". And if she was like given a task before, It was like she didn't really like to it, but recently... Well, more than that... It's like she now knows what she can and can't do. ― I think everyone has come to learn that too. ― That's right. So this time, when she was involved she helped out properly. I thought that it was nice. What! Sarobobo! Can you take it off? But physical disabilities and such, But if you overcome that... ― If you don't act, a long time after... ― Maybe. (TV) That's right. To start, add some seasoning... No, I'm going to go to the bathroom later. What should I wear? ― did you throw it out? ― Sorry? Hmm, I haven't decided. Hey! Where are my shoes? Ah, they're in the bathroom OK, OK. Almost. There's someone at the door! Next... Oh, I was supposed to take this rope today. Oh well, not a big deal. I'll use it again.

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Duration: 19 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera and Ron Carr
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Nov 9, 2009

GL Japan Tape 12 (iii)

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