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Disparando ideas - Joseba Barriola

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Hello, how are you? Well, good afternoon to everyone, how are you? everything okey? Okay, basically I want to share with you today is about this word, which is very powerful, and is called CREATIVITY To begin, I would like to ask a quickly question to everyone How many of you ?, or how do you consider is the Creativity in your day to day? Do you think Creativity is important, yes or no? yes Okay, we're all clear on that. Now, how much time per day ?, Think well ... How much time per day do you spend generating new ideas or creating new things? Surely pretty little, okay? on one hand, we are talking about how important creativity seems to us but we don't have the time to do it I think this is an opportunity, that all we have and I will talk a little to you here what I want to talk about in this moment basically is how creativity gave an unexpected and completely different turn in my life and I want to share this story What do you see here, and a quick question Who of you know how to paint? raise your hand know how to paint One, two, three, four .... like three percent ok, I think I did not ask the right question and I'm going to rephrase the question a little better. Who of you know how to paint, this that you watch on the screen? Okay, I can see, everyone, and who didn't raise the hand has serious opportunities, indeed. okay, who din't raise his hand What happens?, if we had in this room here a number of children or if we were all children in this room with the first question that I asked, who knows how to paint? all the children would have raised their two hands okay, why does this happen? basically happens, because they do not have barriers and they do not have prejudices and as we grow, we develop and create certain barriers that prevent the flowing of creativity for example when we were little in the school they told us please when you paint in circles please don't leave the circle when you are painting they were already creating to us certain barriers when in fact it is totally different I actually asked my 4-year-old nephew to made me a drawing, and this is what he did so, look how creative children can be so, what are some of these barriers? The first one, which just happened to us right now It's me I'm not creative, okay, we do not feel we're creative Why does this happen? Why does this happen to us? Basically it's because when we talk about being creative or about creativity, we associate it with something totally artistic like the question of ... who of you knows how to paint? and this is completely false okay, the reality is that when we talk about creativity, or when we talk about being creative What we are talking about... is how we use or generate ideas or use the imagination and make it a reality not only remains the thought of the idea, but we seek to make it a reality so that is very important second fundamental barrier, The failure what happens to the failure, basically when we talk about failure It gives us a terrible fear, but in fact if we analyze deeply what is the failure which we are afraid, is not to failure in itself if not to the consequence behind failure Why does this happen to us too? because since children when we came to this, when we came to failure There was an infallible millennial technique which were used every the mothers of us, in my time they were used was a very powerful tool, .... this thing here okay, what's going on? when failure came, and we did something wrong the punishment came immediately so that created barriers for us since we were kids we still carry them another of the barriers we have as humans some very dangerous phrases like: "All life has been done like this" Or "Always worked for me" What usually happens with these kind of barriers? for humans is very difficult, it is very scary jump from the known, to the totally unknown And there comes a topic of risk and risk taking sometimes seems very complicated but believe me there is no better satisfaction than doing different things and look for different results, okay, because that is priceless definitely the satisfaction that we feels as a humans, in achieving that really, it's priceless and finally one of the barriers that also often happens to us at the level of creativity is, it's not perfect yet and is related with the perfection of things we feel that it has to be something totally perfect to be able to do it and at the end, and is fully tested is preferable to do something, more than to do absolutely nothing and always we have time in the way to perfecting things Okay, how do we break down these barriers we have? and that don't open the door to creativity basically I call it in this way, and it's "Shooting Ideas" what I talk or explain, when I say shoot ideas Is to generate ideas, and don't leave them in the thought if not simply bring them to reality so that is very, very important Okay, as I told you at the beginning. Creativity in these moments changed my life or gave a very unexpected turn to my life and I'm going to tell you a little about that story I was designing the cover of a book And on the cover of that book, what I wanted to capture on that cover of the book It was basically a brain That was in a totally different way, and with high impact after shooting a lot of ideas something happened to me, and I started experimenting and this was the result Okay, what you see here for me is a brain has the shape of a brain has the certain texture and definitely the colors caught my attention once I came out with this, or I came to this result I said, what happens ?, if I continue to experiment, to see what else come out If I can make other shapes and I came to this image that is here what do they think of this image? a bear okay, I think just as it is. when I was a kid, I really liked some gummy candies that were shaped like a bear And it seemed to me perfectly to this then I came with this other image What do you think of this other image? A Transformers, over there are saying some things Okay, I thought this was one of my favorite superheroes when i was a kid And what about this?, what do you think of this? Okay, over here they said a flower To me this was very much like the garden of my grandmother's house which had some spectacular flowers now, some of you will be wondering how do I do that? Or how is this done? And believe me it's pretty, pretty simple And I'll show you right now Ok, we basically require (Let me see if it is there focused, there we have it) Basically we need a camera water, inks, lights and an aquarium which is basically what we have here, we have a water tank and what we are going to do, is to pour the paints on top of it and there are going to shape the images that we have there I hope it comes out if not you will have to imagine it I hope you are watching it on the screen, more or less Note that it is not as complicated as you thought However What is the most difficult of all this process ?, which you have just seen in such a short time The first thing about it, is trying to imagine what will be the final result It's very complicated notice that the clouds are still there and obviously there comes a time when whole water tank is covered of a single color In this image what I wanted to reflect was a starfish, and this is what came out A little abstract another of the difficult things, is not knowing the result of what I'm doing simply because every time they drop the inks something totally different happens or there is a totally different result third point, which I think is one of the most complicated to handle It's the time if you noticed, once you drop the paints there are very few seconds to capture that image and for example, you are seeing here that is something that is the most difficult challenge of this now look at this picture on this image I used the three primary colors yellow, blue and red and notice that they were not completely mixed, each color is well identified How many shots do you think I had to do with the camera ... ... to get that picture you're seeing here? 1,000, 500, 100, 20 ... Were 364 clicks that I had to shot with the camera until you get this photo you are seeing here Now, is this photo going to win some prize ?, No I did not study photography, I am not a professional photographer I'm pretty sure, if I show this to a photographer and he will tell me that exposure is not good, and maybe the lighting is horrible a lot of technical things that I don't handle but I never would have imagined a person would have liked this picture and had it in the living room of his house in San Francisco, in the United States or simply use my signature not to sign any document, such as day to day if not write my signature on frameworks of my pictures or even this happened recently, two weeks ago where someone writes to me from California asking me for my pictures or my images to show them in an art gallery that he has in California or even a person who wants to use them in a video clip, for a musical artist so, notice everything that happened for the fact of an idea about the cover of a book now, I learned from all this that I want to share with you with this case or this story that I'm telling you the first thing is that if you do what you are passionate about definitely you are unstoppable this is not the half of amount of pictures that I've taken and I still think of different shapes, different clouds, different colors to be able to create at totally different results another important point is the practice that happens, as we are practicing more and more I feel that we have become an improved version of ourselves I'm going to show you; this is the first picture I shot when I wanted to go on this idea of ​​the brain obviously there were no clouds, there was absolutely nothing versus the last image I shot last week which obviously has an incredible development versus the first time I did okay, another important point I want to share with you is about the angle on how we take the things if we use a different angle we turn things around we really got totally unexpected results and incredible results this picture was some inks that I threw in the fish tank and look at the single fact of flipping the image it became a fish just look at it, only with flipping it so sometimes seeing things from another perspective we get good results, very impressive another very important point is about shooting ideas I realized as I shoot more and more obviously the probability was much greater to achieve spectacular results like for example this picture that is here what happened?, in the way, and we saw it in the previous picture I used, 364 camera clicks to just get a single picture so definitely if we shoot more The probability is much greater that we get what we are looking for another very important point and that I think it is up to all of us here creativity has no limits, okay? which is something that definitely comes to me from this What happens ?, it's in each of us Not is that Joseba is gifted, and that he is creative, no we all have creativity within us the only difference between one person and another It's basically that you have to wake up that creativity Believe me, in the way that you wake up creativity, you become unstoppable and finally I feel the life, and really we all know Life happens very, very quickly As well as those clouds that just seen in the water tank and if we just take a little moment to shape or stop for a moment, or capture a moment of that life I assure you that this moment is going to be wonderful like this one that came out here, this picture so, truly my invitation to you is first ask yourself, what are these barriers? What do you have today? who haven't known how to break or who haven't broken down to start creating new things in your life I mean, I think it's important that you ask and believe me that the human is going to be remembered or whatever we do, we will be remembered for what we do and not for what we think so I invite you to, if you have thoughts or have good ideas don't leave them alone in the thought if not take it and make it reality because definitely the only way to make that possible is "Shooting Ideas" so I invite you today, to start shooting your own ideas Many thanks!

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