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Les Aventures du Pharmachien - Allaitement (bande-annonce)

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BREASTFEEDING - You're The Pharmafist's mom, huh? - Yeah, why? Babies who were not breastfed have a higher risk of... G.I. INFECTIONS OTITIS RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS All of these risks... do you think they're really supported by scientific evidence? ASTHMA ATOPIC DERMATITIS Wake up! It's time to breastfeed!!! WEIGHT GAIN AND OBESITY TYPE 1 & 2 DIABETES HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA LEUKEMIA Infant formula is super popular in developing countries... ... because companies have done a lot of marketing there HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA NECROTIZING ENTEROCOLITIS Quote: "I, too, had to deal with the breastfeeding mafia" ♫ I'm 1000 times smarter than other babies in the hood ♫ SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME Dr Michael Kramer: - I think we're exaggerating the benefits of breastfeeding with this list... it's not very solid Maybe it IS true that we're less healthy... we, huh... "non-breastfed" ? - Non-breastfed! - NON-BREASTFED!!! Dr Annie Janvier, neonatalogist - Some women don't like breastfeeding... who said everyone should like it? Quote: "A woman who doesn't breastfeed has lost faith in the natural capacity of her body to accomplish a basic biological function" Women are being judged when they breastfeed in public... (both) - THAT'S DISGUSTING!!! I guess... I wasn't scientifically up to date on breastfeeding. Is it true that not breastfeeding children will negatively impact their health? - YOUR SON WASN'T BREASTFED AND NOW HE'S A PSYCHOPATH WHO THINKS HE'S SMARTER THAN EVERYONE!!! The Adventures of the Pharmafist (

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Posted by: oli9999 on Jun 13, 2018

C’est la première fois que j’ai officiellement la « chienne » par rapport à un sujet : oui, je fais un épisode sur l’allaitement. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas : je ne vais pas remettre en doute la perti-nence ou les bienfaits de l’allaitement. Non, ce qui me trotte dans la tête depuis quelques années… c’est quand j’entends parler des « risques » de « NE PAS » allaiter. Autrement dit, l’idée selon laquelle un enfant qui n’a pas été allaité va avoir des problèmes de santé à court, moyen et long terme. Ça, c’est une affirmation qui est lourde de con-séquences, donc elle a intérêt à être vraie. Aujourd’hui, on se pose la question : est-ce que c’est vrai que ne pas allaiter un enfant nuit à sa santé ?

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