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Discover Kabbalah Part 2 Class 4 : DR. SPOKOJNY- MIRACLE IN ER WITH ZOHAR

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He suffered a terrible heart attack, was put into the emergency room, very unstable blood pressure low, almost unconscious they couldn't stabilise him down there and they knew something needed to be done drastically, medication didn't help. So they called me up and said if we can put him into the operating room and be able to open up the ?? with a catheter. Now on the was to the labratory, to the operating room the patient's heart stopped twice and he needed to be resuscitated with defibrillation and he was unconscious, blood pressure was low, was on full life support and we got him into the lab, we found out that one of his major three arteries which supply 2/3, about 2/3 of his heart was completely blocked. We tried to open up, it closed. Open up, it closed. So we worked on it for 15-20 minutes to ?? the patients situation deteriorate further. At one point we exhausted every single possibility we had. There was nothing else to do anymore. We were looking around and we realised that the game was over. That the patient was going to die if we didn't do something drastic. At that time I remembered and at the time I have to say I was still a sceptic, I didn't really completely buy into it. But i remembered, the Zohar, I remembered the power of healing, I remembered those meditations and with all my heart I used these meditations that technology to bring the Light force that healing Light force, that the Zohar talks about it, to the patient. So I was standing there meditating and it took about, a little bit, a while and I think they had to kind of kick me out of my trans and said: "what are you going to do now?" I said: "Let's go back in." as soon as we went back in to the ?? Without him doing much it just opened up in a way that ?? was totally restored. The patient woke up. The nurse next to me screamed out loud "resurrection of the dead!" I have to tell you, the patient walked out of the hospital two days later without any sign of a hear attack. We discussed this case in medical conferences we could not come up with a reasonable medical explanation what really happened. How someone in that stage could turn around so fast. It was mind blowing and it was amazing and I would say that this particular event was where I actually could see the power of this technology the power of the Zohar working actually that was the ?? moment when I really thought I need to use this technology more often I need to really find out how it works and how can I help patients and people with it, make it avaliable because everybody can use it, It's not an exclusive thing. It's powerful and here it was, a patient was supposed to die, would be dead, it it wouldn't be for the meditation. He walked out of the hospital without any sign.

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