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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 8 'Terminus-Phrase'

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You alright? Did you find anything? Yeah, I found Geiss. Did you find out what he had to do with it? We didn't talk much. Did he know what "The incursions were prescient." meant? No, he just said that it came from a higher up. He just got a face, he got a t-phrase and I asked for a name and he just laughed at me. And I kinda lost it. What's a t-phrase? T is for terminus I think. Biohacking jargon. I don't know much about it. I just played with a Lil Mutator set back before they were banned. I know someone who knows about that stuff. The Zone? Your girl gets around. Why are they on foot? Well, they're not gonna take the company train back after they beat up a supervisor. They're gonna be walking all night. I'm gonna try and get some sleep. Keep an eye on them and zap me if you see anything interesting. Sure. Hey, well, I'm gonna learn about biohacking. I think I'm gonna learn about biosleeping. I hear it's pretty awesome. See ya. -Bye. Maxine. Hey, Uncle Bruce. Sorry to stop by so early. Oh, no! Ah... That's... Come, come in! Ah... yeah. Ah...well this is a nice, nice surprise. Can I get you some water? Yeah, but I'll just get it myself... No, erm... sit down and... It's OK, I know where it is. Woah... So you're back in to biohacking, huh? Oh... ah... yeah... The crystal stuff pays well but it... It's kind of boring. Great, cause I had a question about it. Aha? What's a t-phrase? It's a failsafe used for clones. When they get out of control you say the phrase and they die. Really? Because someone said "The incursions were prescient" to Dad right before he died. Yeah... I don't understand. Where did you? Did Dad give you these before...? I thought I heard your voice, figured I must be dreaming. How are you, Maxine? What? We cloned your dad, and then destroyed the clone. What's it feel like to be a millionaire, little girl? Dan, catch me up here. Dunno, Kath. I was on six other cases last night. Six other open cases last night. We don't have eyes on them for an hour at least. What the hell? That guy looks a lot like our insured. It is the insured. Not looking too dead and the other guy's a registered biohacker! Get Fraud Response online and freeze the account. ‘K boys, dial it in... Fraud Response in position! Do you think it's clone related? -Now! Keep it sane motherfuckers! FRU let's go! Move! Move! Boys, get up here! Time to go, Bruce. OK. Move! Move! Ok Fraud, keep it tight. Ok Fraud, keep it tight. Vehicle out back, let's go! Can we move? All rooms clear. Zero targets. Dammit! We should have taken the car. It's less conspicuous. Yeah, but this one's better for sleeping in. Or we could sleep at fancy hotel rooms for the rest of our lives. You OK? Bruce needed to zap you. Once he found out that the FRU was on their way, we needed to get out of there quick. Is this what everything is for? For money? It's not just... this is our get out of work for free card! For the rest of our lives! Turns out, you don't have to be conscious for a fingerprint withdrawal. Luckily it wasn't a retina! What the fuck is this? Bullshit! You kidding me? Why didn't you tell me if this was your plan?! It needed to be airtight the beginning but Bruce told you at the funeral. No he didn't. He said some crap about cells and a husk. The same flaky Bruce shit! I can still hear you. And you didn't get my note? I thought for sure you'd look at my jacket. Yeah I did! But I didn't see that. Cause it made me cry every time! Cause you were dead! I'm right here, Max... Geez, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry. Sorry. Thanks for letting me know. Just lock down the property, and we can recoup a bit from that. I've already posted it Six freelancers are taking it on. No, the perps got to the account before it could be frozen. Which is kind of a blessing in disguise. It creates a lot of incentive to reconcile the account. I wouldn't want to be legally dead person holding two million with half a dozen bounty hunters breathing down my neck.

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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 8 'Terminus-Phrase'

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