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Canada Mosque Kids Acting Out Beheading:

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maybe but we have to acknowledge that there are also people doing what I consider some pretty radical things here in the wide-open there's a mosque near Toronto that has been in the news before 4th controversial plan to build a massive Muslim only condo complex in the middle of a very Jewish neighborhood but also because a what schools associated with that Moscow we're teaching and speaking of that Jafari Center in Thornhill Ontario this was the place that was subjected to I hate propaganda investigation by York police after complaints about the curriculum being taught to young people it was found to include sections about the crafty jus being compared to nazis and disturbing passages on jihad this was but they were putting forward to the the minds of 13- and 14-year-old well that same center just two years ago was also putting on a school play that involve very young children either participating or watching as they engage in he had it in video supplied to me children at the church party center acted out he had it hi ho I Shelagh delight diane was there doll younger love done down here yeah here are the head does anyone else find it disturbing that whatever the reason their children acting up be heading to specially in a mosque that already practice is the kind of segregationist into premise this idea is that justice meet ABA was just announcing an Ottawa the people at this mosque are not integrating into Canadian society they segregate themselves be with the clothing or trying to build their Muslim only complex in given what we know was already being taught the school associated with the mosque more questions need to be asked and answered that's the byline the

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Posted by: estoniananonymous on Nov 29, 2015


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