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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~12:16:07 - 12:31:08

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You've failed to score a goal, the ball is ours. Wait, did somebody just faint? -Eliza, Eliza... -Hey Rose, Rose! Hey guys, who do I throw this ball to? Throw it! -Hey, Rose. -It's out and the ball is ours. It's out. -Theresa! -Hey Doreen! Hey! -Throw it. -Let's go, Edith. Hey, it's like this. Please stay in your places. Hey, wait for us to stay in our positions. Go and stay in your positions then! In your positions! We need more people on this side. Should I start? Don't start yet, Doreen. Our group isn't complete, we're missing one person. Just keep on throwing. Introduce 1! Liar. Let's just continue, then. -It's exciting. -Introduce 1 player. -Edith's thrown it out. -Oh god, it's Edith's? -Edith's thrown it out. -Oh god. I left it for you. Hey, there's hornets here. Look at them! Yeah, I've seen the hornets. Man, they can sting you. Simeon! Go and look for them. The ball's missing. No, it's not missing. Hey Doreen, let's get going. Gladys! Gladys, it's yours. Do you have to throw it outside? I'm really tired. Doreen! Hey Doreen! Eliza! Eliza! Hey, what you've started isn't good. I thought she threw the ball up. I'm entering the ring. I figured I should enter the ring. Get it! Get it! -Tupe, Tupe throw it. -You've scored the winner? Doreen, Doreen! Thoko! Mary, Mary! Doreen, Doreen! It's coming. It's coming. There's no 6th graders here. Eh, I am the only one. -Don't let them score, don't let them score. Hey guys, we won't score. -Oh god. -It's a goal! Sometimes, you know what... Thoko, Thoko,Thoko. -There's no Elizabeth. Hey you! Mary, Mary... Doreen, Doreen! -Whose is it? -Ours. I'm sorry Gladys, I didn't throw it properly. It hit my finger and it made some noise. It's your fault, not mine. Run, run, fast. -Edith, you've started from inside. -So what? -Let Edith throw it. I thought somebody threw the ball to me. -Hey Gladys, they're saying they've scored. -Gladys, is it time already? Hey, we left it for you. Let's see. I don't miss. -Whose ball is it? -Yours! -Doreen! Here! Yes, you've done well too... Doreen, Doreen! Is it you? -Who? -You've thrown the ball out. -No, give it back. Eliza, mine. Eliza, Eliza! You! Mary! -Chisomo! -Grace! Your throw was weak. Mary! Mary! You! She ran after the ball. Lend us somebody. There's no number 6. Where's Edith? Edith went for water. Let's keep going. Let's go. Thoko, shield them. She's out! Don't you speak to each other? There were no arguments. But they don't speak. -They don't listen... -Ah listen. -They don't listen. Doreen, Doreen! Mary! Doreen! Yeah, yeah, throw it again. -Finally, I'll end up throwing you out. -Let's go! Start! -Oh Elizabeth. -Hey Mary! -Theresa! -Mary, Mary! I'm tired, please help me out. Doreen. Take it! Why'd you throw the ball at my head? -Rose messed it up... -I've already gotten help. Who've you asked to help you? I though you were complete? Are you playing? -Doreen! -So what? -Chris! - Thoko. A goal... Elizabeth! Hey, pass it and I'll pass it back. Pass it, pass it, Thoko. Here! Doreen! Doreen! -Gila! -Glady. It's you, it's you. Throw it. -Hey, Sylvia! -Hey, Memory. Doreen, when you threw it... there. It's your corner. Eliza fell down with it. What? I haven't fallen down with it. I'm hungry now. I'm hungry. Like this. Look... Edith, are you running away? Just jump. Let's go now. Hello, people 1,2,3... Come and see 10,11,12,13. -Mary... -Theresa! Hey now, is it this bad? -Doreen! -What? Doreen! Oh man, now you're complaining? Dori pass it, Dori pass it! -Hey, Glady! -Heee! -Don't stop when the ball.... -No! -It's for that one! -Score! -No! -Score. -No, it's for us! Take that one! -Give it to the kid. -Does it mean we have to do it twice? There's some confusion now. Confusions. Is Agnes back? She went to eat food at Stella's house. Hey! It's ours! -We need to go now. -Let's go and say bye. Zaida's leaving. Doreen! -Doreen. -Edith! Get away! Where's our ball? Rose! Rose! -Elizabeth! -Oh gosh. -Go with them. -Just go with them. Thoko! Out! Mary, Mary! Doreen! There are big knives. Doreen has entered again. -You go. -Let's go! Teresa, Teresa! -Doreen! -Teresa! Did they tell you all to go?

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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