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Sometimes you’re just a fan of something and you just accept the fact that other people do it and you’re a fan of it. The music or the art or the painting or the whatever. And then usually I think one or two things kind of loop you into wanting to be it to be the painter, to be the writer. My name is Shawn Christensen and I am a filmmaker. I wrote directed a short film called Curfew. [Curfew won the 2012 Academy Award for best live action short.] I guess I kind of was in a really dark place when I was was thinking of Curfew while simultaneously feeling really like I had something to prove. And you kind of have to set aside rules when you make a movie like this. The rule in Curfew that Damon and I Damon Russel, the producer and I discussed was that Richie can be verbally and physically abused by his niece and by his sister. They can kick the shit out of him everyday of the week all day long 24 hours a day and he’ll take it because he loves them and they're his family and he knows that he’s a screw up. But when it comes to like strangers outside of a bathroom who are like giving him a headache then he'll go off the handle. [Shut up! Shut your big fat c--] Again when you see it on page it doesn't feel like it’s going to be humorous, it feels mean spirited and so you kind of… for me it’s like how do you press the flaws of the character as far as you can go and still make them likable and loveable? My process is really backwards in that I don’t outline. The premise being that I don’t want to get boxed into something I have to do, I kind of want to let the characters characters infer the plot but on the flipside of that coin it’s a much more longer, torturing sort of process. But I guess the number one thing that I would say to anyone really is to be strong in your convictions and to trust your first instincts. If something felt, like, inorganic? Those things tend to snowball into worse situations. One thing I learned about the whole experience is that I'm not content. It doesn’t really matter what the award is. Whether it’s an award at a festival or if it’s an Oscar or a BAFTA or whatever it is. As an artist, as someone who wants create and make films you know that can't be be it. What gets me excited is if somebody is inspired or encouraged by my work.

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FOCUS__Shawn_Christensen (1)

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