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More Than Shame edit copy

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We experience it every single day It is the silent epidemic It is experienced in children... In relationships It is at the root of low self-esteem It is why we lose motivation... why we shut down It contributes to suicide It drives addiction It keeps us stuck Managing it creates healing, creates connection Managing it allows us to reach our full potential Managing it allows us to be more WHAT IS IT? Shame is absolutely debilitating It gets in the way of our progress Guilt makes us feel as though we did something bad Shame makes us feel as though we are a mistake Instead of realizing the action is a mistake If we can recognize it, we can overcome it The reason we used colors is to symbolize shame The colors symbolize different forms of shame It is constantly covering us - sometimes we recognize it But when we don't recognize it... And we still experience that emotion To love each other unconditionally and to spread self-acceptance I am... I am More Than Shame I have major depression and severe anxiety The idea behind this movement started because I wanted to be able to say 'I have depression, I have anxiety, and I want to embrace it as a part of myself.' I'm unashamed, unembarrassed, and I will not deny it. It' something I'm dealing with, it's a part of who I am I am loved by friends and family because they love me for who I am, with anxiety and depression Understanding and managing shame helps me manage my depression I messed up, but I'm not a messed up person. Let's try again. This sign means 'greater than' Hold your hand up like this, take a picture and tag us We will post your picture on our page

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Posted by: alek.clubb on Jul 18, 2016

More Than Shame edit copy

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