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Jacque Fresco - Cultures and Differences

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But we look at Orientals different when I was very young, because they all dressed alike, and when you get into an Oriental laundry, it smelled a certain way, of the Chinese food, you know? And when you went into an Italian home, it smelled of pizza, onions, and stuff like that, and a Jewish home smells a certain way. The first thing they said to me when I went into a Jewish home, they said that, you're not Jewish? And I said no. Will you put up candles for me, put out; blow them out, they are not allowed to blow out the candles. So I said what you want is a candle that goes out at a given time. He said you can make such a candle. And I said yes I can. So I took a razor blade and cut the wick at different levels of the candle, and I checked the time it would burn down entirely, and i cut the wicks, I'll go out to 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock, and I gave them intelligent candles. You know? And they use to go tsc-tsc, such a mind of; that is the way they talk. And one Jewish came to me, 'You believe in nothing? You don't believe in God? And I said no I don't. He says from where came a man, a mensch; it means a man. I said well possibly, animals through centuries going through evolution and all that, Tsc-tsc-tsc... I saw a monkey ride a bicycle, smoke a cigar, and wear a suit clothes, but it was still a monkey, he didn't came into a man. And this is the logic that they use, and the Italians say you don't a believe in a Jesus Christ? Tsc... You are going to hell, you've got to think that Jesus Christ make everything! He make the world, he giveth the life, but everybody live well, that is where I picked up all the dialects.

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Oct 11, 2012

Jacque describes various cultures and differences between them.

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