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Hot Tub Time Machine

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(narrator) A typical road trip weekend consists of: partying, hooking up, and going wild. But in 2010, four friends will discover a new level of awesome. [tinkle of quarters against glass] . Go. A'ight . Look, look -what are we going to do? You guys are terrible at quarters. Let's break into school, or steal a cop car or something. Do you have ritalin? What? [roar] Guys, come look at this. You don't think it's a little weird, a bunch of guys just piling up in a big bath tub together? [bottles clink] It's called male bonding, okay? Haven't you ever seen Wild Hogs? [♪ Ozomotli - "Saturday Night"] ♪ Dip, dive, socialize ♪ ♪ Get ready for the Saturday Night ♪ ♪ Dip, dive, socialize ♪ ♪ Get ready for the Saturday Night ♪ [♪ Dead or Alive- "You Spin me Round"] ♪ Watch out here I come ♪ What the hell happened last night? Is there some kind of retro thing going on this weekend? Let's think for a moment - the dude is rockin' a cassette player. Leg warmers! I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for all this. Jheri Curl! Excuse me miss, what color is Michael Jackson? Black? [screams] ♪ You spin me right round baby, right round ♪ Winterfest '86! I don't understand how we back in time! I'm so scared. Must be some kinda... tub time machine. (narrator) This March... You know exactly what's going on here, don't you old man? [man cackles] Come on, it's the 80's. Let's do what we want. Free Love! Hey, let's get this party started. Mom? [scream] Why did I ever break up with her? What was I thinking? . Wow! And not the universe is giving me another shot. (girl) This is gonna be the best week in like ever! Uh - uh - uh. I feel pregnant. (narrator) Change time, change the future... There's money to be made here, man? We could invent iPods. A Prius. Short ribs. We could combine Viagra with Twitter. What? Twitagra! Boom! ...and kick some past... You're breaking up with me? That's not how this happens. Do you know what happens to you? You get fat. I mean like fat. Ow! Could I text you later? (girl) What? Are you online at all? I have no idea what you're saying. How do I get ahold of you? Come find me. That just sounds.... ...exhausting. ♪ Give you what you need , Give you what you need ♪ [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 23, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine Captioned Trailer

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